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  1. bunnyraindrop

    The Cake House

    My sixth house. My dream dollhouse! (WIP) Greenleaf Fairfield
  2. You're welcome! I've been lax about taking pics for a while, sorry about that! Glad to hear I could help!
  3. Yay! That's what I was going for!
  4. bunnyraindrop

    The Farmhouse

    My 5th house. RGT Victoria's Farmhouse. (WIP)
  5. bunnyraindrop

    Paper Houses

    Dressing up 3 paper mache houses bought pre-made at a craft store.
  6. That is so pretty... and huge! I love all the detailing, very nice!
  7. bunnyraindrop


    Yay! I like it too, but was afraid it might be too much.
  8. SCORE!!! She needs some love, but she's GORGEOUS!!! My honey surprised me with this early March 2015. Let's see how long renovations take! :D
  9. bunnyraindrop

    Back View

    I love the polka-dotted stairs!
  10. Absolutely gorgeous!!
  11. bunnyraindrop

    1005141835 00

    Wow, you did an amazing job! Very impressive!
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