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  1. On 10/12/2020 at 12:38 AM, Husband of Adobe Dollhouse said:

    Don't just look at dollhouses. Model railroad builders do things like this for their scale buildings so you might want to ask in their forums or look in Model Railroad books and magazines also.

    Absolutely!  I have been oogling all the diorama videos on Youtube - different scale but you can use the same techniques and they're amazing!!

  2. I've done just this on my current house.  Wattle under plaster but a similar style.  I followed Rik Pierce's instructions but basically made the wattle and daub out of card separately then glued that to the wall and 'plastered' over with paperclay.  Very effective.  My power is about to go off but when I can I'll post a pic.

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  3. 19 hours ago, havanaholly said:

    Love the boots!

    Yes!  Doc Martens by Shepherd Miniatures!  They're brilliant!

    1 hour ago, Medieval said:

    Omg! What attitude! Her head is tilted just that little bit to the side...she must know she's "all that" in her new jeans. Lol I've seen same body language on some of my middle school girls.

    Lol - right!!!! :D

  4. I have a Phicen too and as with Carrie, mine is also still unclothed - except for a pair of Doc Marten Boots!!!  I do have jeans on order from Etsy but postage this year is pretty ridiculous so still waiting!  The clothing for them is pretty pricey.  I'm also about to order a Zjakazumi Doll from Etsy - they're bjd's (ball jointed) in different sizes.  Plus I have three Sherri Colvin dolls and have another on it's way to me. :cheezy:

    Phicen are notoriously hard to dress because of what they're made of.  Apparently one of the best ways to dress is to use those really thin plastic gloves that come with hair dye, slip that over the leg and then pull the pant leg up over it, then pull the glove finger out.  Makes it more slippery.  Plus you're supposed to powder your Phicen dolls once a month if they're out on display - stops the substance getting sticky apparently.

  5. Hi all - just looking back over the last few pages of this convo.  Anyone heard from Kelly lately??  I'd love to know how she's getting on - especially with Covid at everyone's doors.  Of course with Covid around she might be staying away from the local library etc so may not have had much of an opportunity to get online.  It would be good to know if she's all good.

    Meanwhile here in NZ we're doing okay.  My daughter (turned 20 last month) has been battling anxiety however she's coming out the other end now.  Certainly makes you realise how little we parents know how to parent - especially at this age!  My son (just turned 18 a month ago) has just this week been accepted into Media Design School and starts on Monday.  Given that we've always homeschooled it'll be completely out of his comfort zone - the whole getting up early, catching a ferry into the city and walking through the city in rush hour before even getting to the school will be a challenge! :D  He is exceptionally excited and daunted all at the same time.  I know he's happy to be moving forward after watching so many of his friends start uni this year.  Other than that we've been working and crafting as usual.  Been working on an entry for the Creatin Contest this year!  Most of what I've done has been a first for me so stretching my knowledge and abilities!  Loving the challenge.  Anyhoo....hope everyone is well!!

  6. Hi Lindsay!  I used to make a heap of things for my Barbies but unfortunately never had a dollhouse.  My daughter found the little roombox kits from China and together we bought four to do together.  I loved it, she didn't!  She's 20 now and doing her own thing and me, I'm hooked on minis!  Welcome to the group - there is a wealth of knowledge here among some amazing peeps!

  7. I've used foamboard to create a roombox and I just used white PVA glue for gluing the foamboard AND for the wallpaper.  One hint that was given to me was to cover all the raw edges with brown paper - it certainly makes for much nicer/tidier edges and I've continued to do that for all my foamboard uses!

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  8. 7 hours ago, havanaholly said:

    Rebecca is one of our resident Kiwis and should be better able to answer your question.

    Thanks Holly!!

    Hi Jacinta.  One problem we have currently is how long things are taking to get to NZ from the US and UK.  I believe the Cir-Kit kits are from the US in which case you may also need to purchase a transformer and/or adapter plus you're likely to be waiting to receive it for a couple of months.  Personally I have bought about 100 GOR (grain of rice - size) LEDs from Aliexpress with which I create my own lights.  I solder those to tape wire normally on the bottom of the building and from the tape wire I'll solder a battery pack which holds 2 AA batteries and this is enough to run a small house.

    You can buy electrical supplies from places like Jaycar or Trademe. Alternatively you can purchase from dollhouse shops.  I tend to buy a lot from Jo - In Miniature in Hamilton.  


    She has a good selection of ready made lighting as well as bulbs, wire, tape-wire etc.  Jo is also fantastic at answering questions.  I'm probably better able to help via email in order to share pics etc.  Message me on here by hovering over my name to the left and pressing the envelope.  If you're happy to send me your email I can send some more relevant info.  Hope this helps!


  9. My hubby is a HUGE tool fan - I swear he has at least one of every single tool ever made in his garage.  Thankfully because he has so many, he's now collecting them for me!  As far as power tools go I have a Proxxon table saw like Susie!  I have a mini mitre saw, an ultrasound cutter, a mini lathe (which I haven't played with yet), a dremel plus scroll saw attachment (which I hardly ever use), a Proxxon foam cutter, drills, mini belt sander....could be more but can't think of any.  The ones I use the most are the mini mitre saw and Proxxon table cutter.  I have been using the foam cutter and I know it'll come in handy in the future.  Once I have time I want to play with my lathe - it was my Christmas present.  I also use my drill and bits fairly often.  I hardly ever use the ultrasound cutter and since I now have a Cricut Maker that will probably be even less used.  Funny, and I'm sure most of this forum would probably agree, I LOVE tools!!!  I get very sore hands, arms and shoulders so when I'm doing a lot of cutting it's good to have things to make the tasks easier.  I also use my pliers and electrical tools including a soldering iron, quite frequently.  

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  10. 9 hours ago, shannonc60 said:

    I use those sheets of grass for my half scale landscaping and I live it. The sheets are thin so can go over contours on your landscaping. I then randomly sprinkle tiny bits of different coloured foam (also the model railroad turf stuff) to break up the evenness of the grass and to look like weeds. I also use the loose grass to make clumps next to walls or in gardens. 

    Normally I'd go with something like that, but given that I want long grass, and it's 1:12.....Even the static grass may be a little short but I figure I can mix it up.  Looking forward to having a play.

  11. 15 hours ago, ChristinaO said:

    Hello, I just opened a kit that belonged to my Grandfather...has never been built and I have all the pieces but the directions disintegrated in my hands!! Can anyone email me the directions? 

    Hi Christina, As with all of the above, if you PM me with your email (as below).....

    On 5/3/2020 at 11:56 PM, havanaholly said:

     to send a member a private message (PM) hover your cursor over the member name or avatar and at the bottom left of the drop-down box that will show up there is an envelope icon to click on.

    I will email you the schematics and instructions.

  12. 17 hours ago, Elsbeth said:

    I have roll out mats like this one by Noch:


    it will be a simpler putting green look than the static grass meadows  but I think it will be fine for a little grass around a house with mostly flowers taking up the space.

    Thanks for that Jenn!  I've actually bought a bit of 'fur' today to try using that for the long grass.  Plus after looking into it more I'm going to get a static grass applicator to try.  I'll get a cheaper type from Aliexpress to have a play.  I've decided to add in a stream too! :D 

  13. 2 hours ago, WBrownIV said:

    I've been looking at grass myself and came across a few videos that really helped explain what could be done realistically.



    There are many static grass applicators on the market with some being quite pricey. I bought one that was much more reasonable. Of course I haven't used it yet so I can't vouch for how it does. It did have a number of positive reviews. 

    Ooops....I hadn't refreshed so I missed your comment Bill!  I'll be really interested to see how you get on with the static grass.  I just can't get my head around that.......oooooohhhh....just watched the first video.  So the applicator has some sort of charge which makes the 'grass' strands stand up........Oooohhh....that's really interesting.....I might have to try a few different techniques!!!!

  14. 6 hours ago, NellBell said:

    This one sounds a bit odd but I did see one done with fur and painted . It did look really good. Jennifer's miniature on Face book and she used this original site 


    Wow - it does look good and very much how I'd like it to turn out!  it actually looks really doable and I think there might be some fur in our stash somewhere.....dashes off to look......Thanks Nell!!!!

    5 hours ago, blueirishmoon said:

    I've never used this, but the site says for 1" scale, it's an overgrown look, which sounds like what you want?


    Thanks Cynthia!  Love the look but things are taking sooooo long to arrive here in NZ and I just don't want to order anything more from overseas while postage around the world is so, tricky!  

    10 hours ago, havanaholly said:

    For the unkempt meadow look probbly randomly clipping various types of mosses and scattering them over your glue covered surface (randomly painted dirt & debris colored) sould give the most realistic effect.

    Thanks Holly - I will probably end up doing that as well.  I have collected so much moss, shrubs etc - real and fake!  I think I'll try the fur first and add in the moss afterwards!!  Thank you all!!!!

  15. There are so many ways of doing grass for landscaping.  I've never had to landscape as yet and would like to do it as realistically as possible but I spent most of the night dreaming of the different ways of creating it!  There's static grass, either the type you buy or you can make it using florists foam or sawdust.  There's a range of grasses attached to paper or other.  Or there's moss which you can again, cut up and scatter similar to static grass.  I'm aiming for the unkempt meadow look, I have a range of different bits of greenery that I have collected over the years.  But now feeling stuck, unable to move forward until I can choose which way to do grass!!!  Would love people's opinions please!!

  16. On 1/30/2020 at 9:53 PM, MayaGreen said:

    I use some essential oils apart from my usual medication. Eucalyptus is a really good one against pain, but you can use others as well, for example, lavender, primrose and basil. My doctor said it won't hurt and it also relieves stress and helps me to fall asleep faster.

    Hi Maya!!  Yes, I use quite a few essential oils in many different ways - Love them!!

  17. On 5/2/2020 at 12:29 PM, klcmaher said:

    I am in desperate need of the instructions for the Greenleaf The Pierce. 

    Hi Kay - if you private message me with your email address I can email through the instructions and schematics.

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