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  1. Yes it is!!  If you're on Facebook look me up as I'm not on here much any more.  I don't like the new layout!  My FB page is - www.facebook.com/melodyofminiatures

    I might be able to scan a copy of the instructions and email them to you - so message me.  If you're not on FB reply here and I'll try to get back to you!

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  2. Thankfully after asking hubby to help me (as it's Saturday) to cut out my last lot of windows he has let his fingers do the walking and found a cool Dremel Moto saw!  And I'm allowed to go out and buy it!  Funny how men love tools - whether it's for them or not!  YAY!  I will post the results as soon as I have them!  Thank you lovelies!!  You are so incredibly supportive and positive - very thankful I found this place!

  3. I have so many plasters on my fingers it's not funny!!  I remember someone saying to me early on in this process, that the clue to being a good dollhouser/miniaturist is knowing how to hide stuff!  I totally get that now!  I'm hoping that the cladding on the outside will be as good a cover-up as I'm planning on it being!!

  4. Thanks Selkie! Odd - I tried to bring the photos up in order to have a closer look and was told that I don't have permission!  I have put the roof on now - just taped, so now I have to figure how I'm going to alter it.  There is even less head height than I initially thought - only my girl can stand up in the middle.  I'm also considering where is best for the sky lights and whether I do one big one or several smaller.  Lots to consider!

  5. Funny - I just pulled apart the kitchen bay!  I didn't have it nicely sitting which was bugging me.  I had to use a craft knife and sand paper to shape things but now it is perfect.  I have stacks of masking tape holding it all together so it will be perfect in the morning!  I've also just finished the second floor lighting so that I can now fit the floors whenever.  I'm starting on the roof of the tower - I have copper coming which I'll roof it with.  Then I can look at how all the roofing sits.  Looking at the instructions (which I just happen to have sitting beside me) it looks as though the kitchen Bay roof is the last section of roof to go on - typical.  So I guess I'll look at the skylights in the large and maybe middle roof sections instead.  You know Selkie, I am so LOVING this whole process!!!  I still get that little thrill internally when I think of doing bits.  This weekend I'm going to pick up my next dollhouse - it's a Chantilly that has been half assembled and painted white but that's it.  It'll be a real challenge as things I would do I may not be able to.  Anyway - I've looked and looked at pre-made windows but I've decided against buying any.  I'll have a go at making them instead.  I'm kinda thinking of a large dormer to sit on top of the kitchen bay to open that room up, and then cutting the roof down around it....

  6. Thanks Debra!  I have been told that the polymer clay will disintegrate faster with the clear nail polish on it.  My hubby says that as long as it isn't in direct light it should be fine for quite a while.  So, I put nail polish on a spare tile and put it on the window sill.  Will see how it works out!  Now I have to tackle the attic and I intend to make the side above the kitchen a little bigger somehow.  So back to pouring over all the Pierce builds to try and figure what I'm going to do!

  7. It's a Bay window which I'm filling in, in the kitchen, behind the sink.  It is such a little kitchen that I really struggled to think how I was going to make the most of it.  I found quite a few pics of real kitchens that have benches in bays - I figure I can put her herbs in that area!  I really love the tiles - my daughter is very clever with Polymer clay and when she saw I had looked in a book to figure out how to marble, she thought I'm a bit of a newbie! hehe....fine by me!  Yes - the house if finally coming together.  So much stuff done in the background and then it all just fits in!  I haven't done anything for the attic as yet apart from getting the floor piece ready.  I'd like to open part of it up a little so that is probably my next challenge!

  8. Yesterday I was very pleased with myself.  I managed to combine two light's wires and then put a plug on the end - so soldering etc.  I think I did it quite well!!  I am just so loving this whole process!  Even though parts of it can be frustrating or time consuming!

  9. Well they have a new granddaughter - I should have taken a pic of her!  And they are expecting a grandson, so they'll need to be keeping them busy!  There are three projects I'd like to do;

    a) an Art Deco house from scratch

    b) a Cottage for a wise lady/herb lady (seems to be something from memory)

    c) a treehouse for fairies.


    So I'm picking Norman and Val's son will live in the deco house with his family.  The cottage is calling to me though.  I'm putting in an apothecary table in the tower room for Val.  Maybe the cottage will be next though...I'm thinking maybe one of the small Greenleaf cottages...

  10. I just can't understand how dollhouses can be built quickly!  Paint takes time, gluing takes time as does varnish.  The amazing thing is that I still get that little thrill in my stomach when I think about my dollhouse and my creating.  My hubby told me that is how he feels about his cars!

    I didn't know I was a 'perfectionist' until my daughter 'accused' me of it about a year or so ago and hubby was quick to agree!  Hubby is as well...


    I think I'm going to do an Art Deco house from scratch next time......

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