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  1. Absolutely! I have been oogling all the diorama videos on Youtube - different scale but you can use the same techniques and they're amazing!!
  2. That's looking brilliant!!
  3. Shareb


    Oh.....this is gorgeous!!
  4. I've done just this on my current house. Wattle under plaster but a similar style. I followed Rik Pierce's instructions but basically made the wattle and daub out of card separately then glued that to the wall and 'plastered' over with paperclay. Very effective. My power is about to go off but when I can I'll post a pic.
  5. Shareb

    Spring gardening

    Thank you Linda! I am finding it hard not to share too much!
  6. Shareb

    Spring gardening

    Thanks Shannon!!!! It's been a very long project but almost finished!
  7. Shareb

    Stone Cottage

    My project for the 2020 HBS Creatin Contest.
  8. Shareb

    Spring gardening

    From the album: Stone Cottage

    Really enjoyed adding the flowers!
  9. Wow, he got a seriously bad spray tan!!!!
  10. Loving the 'glass'!!! What did you use??? Looking fantastic!
  11. Yes! Doc Martens by Shepherd Miniatures! They're brilliant! Lol - right!!!!
  12. Shareb


    Thanks Kathie!!!!
  13. Yes! At least we now know the structure is solid!
  14. My Phicen's jeans turned up today! I bought them from Rainbow Daisies on Etsy.
  15. Shareb


    I used gold polymer clay and also mica powder for an extra glitter!
  16. From the album: Stone Cottage

    This is the third attempt of making rocks for this stream. I had a real issue with the resin I was using. I did however, become very good at making rocks!! These are made from Scultamold. Some are freehand others were created using Scenic Woodland rock molds.
  17. From the album: Stone Cottage

    Finally, poured and cured.
  18. From the album: Stone Cottage

    Set up for resin pour. If you've played with resin you can probably tell from this picture what happened. It leaked - everywhere and almost all of it! The good thing however is that it stayed clear and plugged up all the holes! I did change the dam to simple masking tape with wood glue around the bottom for the next pour and it worked so much better!
  19. Shareb


    From the album: Stone Cottage

    Say hello to my little friends......eels!
  20. From the album: Stone Cottage

    Working on the hoard! Coins....gold coins.....
  21. From the album: Stone Cottage

    Archie seeing if he fits so he can sits.....he didn't - he was thrown out of it as soon as I'd taken the photo!
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