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I grew up in a creative household.  My mum used to collect dolls and make crafts to sell at local markets and of course once I was old enough to help I would.  I also used to sew my own clothes, create furniture, clothing and a caravan etc from my Barbies and Sindy dolls.  In a happy marriage for over 24 years with two amazing kids - currently 20 & 18.  We've home educated for most of their school years.  Was a Scout leader for 8 years, forum manager for the NZAGC for ten years and national rep for 2 years.  I initiated and taught a Gifted programme at our local primary school for 2 1/2 years.  Love to keep busy but with Fibromyalgia now having it's way with me, I find getting through each day a little tougher than it used to be.  Crafting - and in particular creating miniatures, keeps me occupied and I have found myself sticking with a craft for longer than ever before.  So many facets of creating minis - keeping me endlessly fascinated!

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