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  1. yes summer, it has removable walls for access and each floor comes off
  2. thanks all, debora, i plan on putting the final touches on it and finishing the inside of the garrison house and taking them both to the tom bishop show in atlanta ga in mar 05..
  3. rojam18801


    yes kari, about a year and a half into this current build
  4. thanks debora, nice ur correct, a shot from the porch looking into the front room, thank you, i have the 2nd floor and 1st all done with wallpaper, just got done with the 2nd floor baseboard trim, ... my son has been taking pics and putting them on here but not the other sites, as i've been making them wait until the rooms are completely done before posting photos...lol,
  5. it was, lots of little pieces lol, turned out good i think
  6. rojam18801

    Battleship 90s

    yeah,completely scratch built debora..i ended up leaving it behind when i moved from pa, it was 18ft 5 1/2 in
  7. i split a dowel in half on band saw,thats where i get the half round.
  8. no have not sold the garrison yet, just sitting in the back of my shop, gonna relist it or take it to a show in orlando once i finish the inside of it
  9. jo med, lot of hours of sanding. first 60 grit then 100 grit. next 220 grit until smooth, finally 400 grit. it start's to shine even before i apply any finish. next 7 coats of my finish that goes in the wood not on it. took me three weeks full time to do the second story. now it's time for the first floor to start.
  10. rojam18801


    more pics when i get a little more done. doing shingles right now, so far i have cut 9,756 of those little shingles.
  11. just saw this topic, interesting, i'm currently building this, i uploaded my first photo of the project just the other day, i will be adding more, .. most my work takes about 6,8 months to complete, .. so far i'm thinking the carson will be finished in about 2 yrs.. check my gallery and follow along with the build! , Ron
  12. rojam18801


    Thank you all, and yes chapchap, 2 cabin's in the background
  13. deb, the white house is the tara house. the riverbost and tara leave my shop jan 16 for shreveport la. the very last house under the green cover is the garrison. i want to trim the inside of the garrison next and take it to the bishop show later this year.....ron
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