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  1. Coming back to hit "reply" to you all to make sure you see this information (above) re: no Itsy Bitsy Mini papers actually being discontinued! Cheers, Emily
  2. Ok, got some clearer information on this situation from Grace at virtualdollhouse.net: "A couple more notes on Itsy Bitsy wallpaper. Itsy Bitsy wallpaper is never discontinued unless there is a conflict with someone saying they own that particular design. I know that did happen to Nhu at one time and rather than argue with the person that she had designed the papers which were very similar to this other persons design, she did discontinue those patterns. Other than for that reason, Itsy Bitsy papers are never discontinued. So if another dollhouse store says the
  3. Hi folks, I'm seeing this very belatedly as I've been on a bit of a dollhouse hiatus which was in fact prompted out of frustration because of an itsy bitsy minis wallpaper problem! I foolishly started wallpapering a room with just the perfect paper before realizing I didn't have enough. Tried to buy more through my local store where I'd just bought the original pieces, and they told me it was discontinued. Then searched the internet throughly until I found six sheets in stock at DBJ minis. I ordered three for delivery to the hotel my partner was working out of in the states at the
  4. I asked for advice on mini projects to take traveling, and got some great suggestions for needlework projects. So, off I went to Michaels to get myself set up for that. I thought I'd start the project just to see how it went... and now I'm obsessed and can't stop! So, all the electrifying and wallpapering and so on I was doing on the house have been on hold while i needlepoint what will be a living room rug. The trip I bought this stuff for doesn't even start for two weeks. Oops. I had a bit of a crisis recently where I wallpapered two of three walls in the downstairs hallway with
  5. denkyem

    new fireplace 2.jpg

    I really like this! Great solution using what you have on hand. Is the fire an LCD screen or something?
  6. It's snowing here! For the third time since the weekend! Big fat flakes falling steadily with about an inch accumulated so far this morning. It looks like it's January out there. I am not impressed.
  7. Whoops, never answered this. It's a Real Good Toys North Park. I don't see many of them around.
  8. denkyem

    tv girl.jpg

    Wow, I never noticed you commented on my album months ago! Thanks for all your nice words. The hand was made from packing tape -- same with the ethereal transparent ghost. I tried shaping the packing tape around my own hand but found that awkward and uncomfortable, so used a cheap dollar store mannequin hand and arm. You wrap on a layer of clear packing tape, sticky side up, and then cover it with a second layer, sticky side down. Then build another layer or two until you get the level of rigidity you need, cut it off with scissors or a craft knife, tape it back together and you're
  9. This is Real Good Toys' North Park kit, begun in December of 2014. I am new to the world of minis, and this is my first build.
  10. My friend arrived from London with the second pad of scrapbook paper I needed to finish some of my walls, so I've been wallpapering! The colouring is a little different between the two pads, but it's close enough that I think it looks fine on adjacent walls (just looks like a trick of the light). It's pretty exciting to see the look start coming together! I'm just sort of going one room at a time (no idea what I'm doing for wallpaper on the third floor)so there isn't a super-cohesive colour scheme or anything, but so far it's coming together pretty well I think!
  11. I'm a bridesmaid in a dear friend's wedding this summer, and this weekend she's having her bridal shower. The brunch is tomorrow, and I've volunteered to make most of the food, so I spent all day in the kitchen today. I made two quiches with pastry from scratch (a first for me), one lovely lorraine and one veg one with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes, a a bunch of sausage rolls, a delicious sauce for baked eggs with mushroom and spinach, a french toast casserole, 5 packages worth of bacon and a heap of latkes. The shower attendees (about 30 people) are mostly family -- hope they're hungry
  12. Oooh, I feel your pain, Jackie! At least with the next piece you can make sure you have the hole in the right place BEFORE you go to all the trouble of scoring and staining everything beautifully.
  13. I pin-hinged my first cabinet door las night! Just part of a simple floor-to-ceiling narrow bathroom cabinet that's filling in a precise space next to the tub. It's nothing fancy (and not done yet) but it feels like an important accomplishment in my mini-ing pursuits! I don't have a pin vise or any special supplies, but I did find a couple teeny drill bits I bought for a halloween project several years ago and twisted them in to the basswood by hand. They fortuitously made holes just the right size for the jewelry head pins I have lying around from my beading days. Many
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