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  1. MDF isn't strong enough to stand up to a metal scraper hence the plastic one would be your friend. Go easy as MDF likes to tear away in bunches. Also keep in mind that MDF does do fairly well with wood filler if you should make a big hole...also caulk hides a multitude of issues

  2. Unfortunately there are no easy methods for stripping paint from anything:cry:  With the number of paint layers you are talking about you might not have to worry as much about it being porous as the first coat of paint usually gets sucked right in and fills it up. I might take a piece and try a chemical stripper with a heat gun and a plastic scraper. Then, invest in a Dremel tool if you don't have one already; sure beats sanding by hand. Curious as to what kind of paint you used?

  3. I wasn't quite sure where to put this post, so I picked this thread. Apologies if it isn't right. I have been working flat out since February; I work in an essential business that isn't connected to healthcare, so let's just say people can be real jerks sometime and leave it there. I can't go to my local salon since they are all closed, so I have started my nails myself again. I stopped a few years ago due top my MS stealing most of the feeling in my left hand. Anyway, I bought the tool referenced below to help me, and when it came yesterday all I can think of is how perfect it would be for minis!  It has a wonderful grip/feel to the pen and there are loads of different bits available. I have a Dremel Micro which I love, but I have a feeling I will be buying another one of these for minis...if I ever get 10 minutes to myself again:wacko:


    MelodySusie Professional Rechargeable 30000 rpm Nail Drill, 

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  4. Wow, long time no posts from me although I do check in to see everyone's wonderful work. I have had a whirlwind few months; though I was tired when the kids were small, but it seems to be worse now? We are almost finished with our real life kitchen renovation. We were supposed to be starting it around the end of March, but burst pipes, water damage and broken tile pushed us up to just after Christmas. One time being an obsessive planner really payed off, as I knew exactly what I wanted. Christmas day dinner and Boxing Day demo....two weeks with 3 big dogs and 6 people to feed but no kitchen sink was interesting:crazyeyes: The first time I heard water in the sink the day the plumber came I started crying. I got some kind of horrid cold/flu/ nastiness (6 weeks of extreme coughing, sinus pain, used 2 whole boxes of tissues all by myself) shortly after most of it was finished so I've just gotten around to getting the tile backsplash picked out this week. Oh, and my father had to have emergency surgery to remove his gall bladder somewhere in there. Once the kitchen is done I can finally tackle my craft/guest room, but I have been saying that for about 3 years now so we'll see:rofl:

  5. Thanks for posting about this. I have an instant pot and an air fryer, and have been thinking about getting another instant pot for large dinners. My air fryer gets a lot of use and is reaching it's retirement age so if I got a smaller IP with this lid I could have the best of both worlds:)

  6. My kitchen is currently under construction so no real cooking until the middle of January. I suggested just turning the kitchen into a dollhouse space and eating out forever, but the family didn't go for it:rolleyes:

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  7. I have 3 of these in my house. The best feature for me by far is the drop in.  It basically turns the dot into an intercom. Other than that, I check the weather, listen to music occasionally and track my amazon orders.

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