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    I enjoy reading and I love animals. I have 2 dogs, a rabbit, a turtle and a fish. I do some volunteer work from time to time, I will be doing some work on Extreme Makeover:Home Edition- they are building a house in my town this week.

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  1. You did such a great job!
  2. I adore it!! Cant wait to see more!!
  3. MonixMia


    This looks great!!!
  4. MonixMia

    living room

    Thank you! If I ever get it cleaned up- I will post some pics of it furnished! lol
  5. MonixMia

    My new House

    Some pics of my new REAL house :)
  6. MonixMia


    The Aster looks adorable!!! This is my very first build. I think I might be addicted.... lol
  7. MonixMia


    Me too! I found it at Lowe's on the clearance table for $1!!
  8. MonixMia


    Thanks everyone! This is the kitchen
  9. MonixMia


    LOL, I didnt even think about that.. I was more concerned with having the walls match up. I must say though, all in all I am happy with how it is turning out.
  10. MonixMia


    Thanks! I still have a long way to before it is finished, but just having it "together" makes me feel good
  11. MonixMia


    this house is fantasically radically awesome! I love it!!
  12. MonixMia


    that is awesome!! i love the stone work
  13. Thanks! Hope to get it put together soon
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