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    I enjoy reading and I love animals. I have 2 dogs, a rabbit, a turtle and a fish. I do some volunteer work from time to time, I will be doing some work on Extreme Makeover:Home Edition- they are building a house in my town this week.

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  1. Thank you everyone for your kind words and support! I am at a bit of a stand still right now, been ill and havent had much of a chance to work on my little home. But it is set up and I look at it daily ( i have thrown a few pieces if furniture and knick knacks in it to for an idea how the finished product will look) I am not sure if I gave the background on my little Orchid, so I will give it again ( when i say background, i mean the story in my head that goes along with the "history" of the house) "This is Aunt Susie's House. Aunt Susie is your father's sister. She has never been ma
  2. Hi! Welcome! I am new to minis too! This is a great place to be! Everyone is knowledgeable, helpful and nice. I totally understand what you mean about being overwhelmed looking at some of these gallery photos! You are gonna love it here. I would like to suggest also picking up some blue painters tape also, once you start painting, wallpapering etc, the masking tape MIGHT be a little too strong and peel the paint/wallpaper off. The biggest tip I got from the lovely people here is to "listen to the house". I had a whole different idea when I bought my kit of what I wanted to do (I wanted t
  3. :idea: you are all awesome! My dh encouraged me to start building my dollhouse, so whatever happens- it is HIS fault We are on a tight budget, but anywhere we go I always have my eye out. I got some furniture from the dollar tree will definitely have to repaint it. I am bargain hunter. I did show him my wish list from Manor House.... I told him they were all "little things" and I didnt need them all at once. lol
  4. You did such a great job!
  5. I adore it!! Cant wait to see more!!
  6. MonixMia


    This looks great!!!
  7. MonixMia

    living room

    Thank you! If I ever get it cleaned up- I will post some pics of it furnished! lol
  8. BEAUTIFUL!! You did a wonderful job!! Hello and welcome too
  9. Welcome! You will enjoy your time here. Everyone is so helpful and have a lot of knowledge to pass down
  10. MonixMia

    My new House

    Some pics of my new REAL house :)
  11. MonixMia


    The Aster looks adorable!!! This is my very first build. I think I might be addicted.... lol
  12. MonixMia


    Me too! I found it at Lowe's on the clearance table for $1!!
  13. MonixMia


    Thanks everyone! This is the kitchen
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