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  1. When you use paperclay against your wood for a stone look, either for flooring or walls, are you supposed to put glue on it before you apply the paperclay? This would seem counterintuitive to me, it just seems weird to put glue on clay which is already moist, but I just wanted to check. My assumption was that the paperclay would kind of adhere more firmly to the wood as it dried (without using glue), but I have never used paperclay for a large area in a dollhouse, and I'd hate to create a great stone floor or wall only to have it fall off in a week! Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Good point, Kathie. I don't want to make her a stereotypical Halloween type witch anyway, more like a potions-and-apothecary type of witch.
  3. My mouse bakery, which I've decided to call Sugar Paws, is about 99% finished. I haven't done anything to the roof area yet because I just haven't felt inspired there - I think I'll come back to that at another time. But all the other rooms are done and the sign is up! My next project is going to be a half scale house from Petite Properties called Cobweb Cottage - I bought it several months age. Over the last few days I've started putting it into dry fit, and I plan on making it into a witches' cottage. For my witch I splurged and bought the 'Victorian grandmother' Erna Meyer doll and I j
  4. I found this house on Etsy, from the seller 3Star Studio Arts. The quality of the wood is wonderful, and since I'm not crazy about the actual construction of dollhouses, I loved the fact that it can be popped together in about 10 minutes. The entire first floor is going to be a bakery/sweet shop, one of the second floor rooms is going to be a commercial kitchen where the treats are made, and the other second floor room will probably be a small living space for the owner of the bakery. Haven't thought much about the roof yet.
  5. Thanks! For the walls I used thin cardboard for the bricks and silver dimensional paint for the mortar. I sort of like the effect, but not as much as I like the egg carton stone on my first house. I also wish I had made the bricks a lot smaller, because viewed all together it's easy to see that the bricks are way out of scale. Luckily mice, minions and totoros are not very demanding tenants!
  6. I found tiny minions too and have been using them in my dollhouse! Right now they're mostly hanging out with the totoros in the studio apartment above the bakery, but one of them does have an ice cream cone - maybe my bakery/sweet shop will have to sell ice cream. I think mine may be even tinier then yours, Deb - I found them at Toys R Us and they were marketed as being part of a 'minion pod game.' They each came with a small plastic pod thing and a game card. I don't really understand the point of the game they're supposed to be a part of, but that's okay, they're perfect for my house! My
  7. I love Petite Properties! I recently ordered Cobweb Cottage and plan on turning it into a sort of fairy tale/witches cottage. I remember seeing this kit in quarter scale, I didn't realize they had released it in half scale - it's great! I love their furniture kits as well.
  8. Oh, I just thought of another - I'd love to do Francie's tenement building from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
  9. Yes, the patisserie was great too - I thought the whole movie was really visually beautiful.
  10. Oh, I love that idea - I love old-fashioned general stores, and Little House on the Prairie was a favorite series of mine, both the books and the TV series. It would be fun to have little doll versions of the Olesons!
  11. For me it would be the mansion from the movie "Clue" and the hotel from "Grand Budapest Hotel" (I loved the color scheme of that hotel!) I would sort of like to do the castle from the novel I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, which is my favorite book of all time, but part of the point of the book was that the characters were living in such poverty that they had to sell most of the furniture, so it wouldn't be as fun from an interior design perspective. Anybody else want to play?
  12. Well, I tried using thin cord, but the holes I made in the fridge to pull the cord through were too close to the top edge (and the clay was a little too thin) so one of the holes broke. I can't quite figure out how to fix that, unless I was to fix the clay and then rebake it.
  13. I love this scene - it looks exactly like something my cat would do!
  14. I love that wallpaper - it looks perfect for the house.
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