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  1. Thank you Selkie, great list. I appreciate it!
  2. I found that the best light for me is usually daylight, or a grayish overcast. Natural light will be your best friend when photographing anything. If you can move the piece outside and then work from there, block out light where you dont want it, etc. It may be the best results. I've also found that white-balancing the photos afterward really helps. (you can google a quick white balancing tutorial, its easy, I'm not sure if you have a mac or PC) Other than that, my only tips are to make sure you have a camera with good focus. I have a canon that I borrow and use, I really know very little about photography. I would recommend to find out if anyone you know has a nice camera you could borrow, or research them and then look for that camera on craigslist or ebay. You don't need a super fancy one, and I just the lens that came with the canon and my photos turn out decent.
  3. It's the same lady, she had a tone of Marie Toner lights but I just didn't have the money when she first listed them. Such a shame. One was a three headed wall sconce, perfect for a bathroom. (p.s. thank you!)
  4. So, I came across a gorgeous wall light a couple of weeks ago, but lost the auction on eBay. I tried to find more elaborate vintage lighting but it's been hard. I'm assuming Marie Toner doesn't make lights anymore? I plan to visit the Molly Cromwell show in September, does anyone know of any lighting vendors that may be there? I'm trying to find a few unique pieces for an upcoming project. Or does anyone have any good lighting recommendations? Theres a small mini shop here but their lights are a little expensive and a little too much. I want a nice in between.
  5. That is a really beautiful brick, so many options! I have so much old sand paper
  6. The egg carton bricks really look great, better than I imagined. DEfinitely a route I will consider, thank you.
  7. Oh spackle! Thanks for the tip. I'm from Kentucky and I kind of want to make a house that was "antique" and then "renovated" in a modern style. It'll be kind of fun to mix time periods I think
  8. Has anyone seen or done a westville using mini bricks? I think I'm ready to jump into my first full dollhouse and the westville seems the most inviting. I definitely want to bash it and change it, with a screened in porch and updated windows. Has anyone seen one done with brick? or have any experience with bricking a kit?
  9. LG is a brand of electronics, I added it to the scene for this specific competition
  10. That's alright, I don't think the votes have a giant impact on the winner, it just helps to show some effort to the judges I believe.
  11. Hey guys, so my school is doing a scholarship contest with LG, so I took the digital photography of my kitchen and added an LG logo to my dishwasher. My school is MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) This is a great way to potentially give miniatures a little mainstream light as well. Miniatures are a new venture for my visual art and I hope to bring them to more people's attention! You have to have pop-up blocker disabled and log in with facebook or an account. Every vote counts and I really appreciate the time and effort you put in if you decide to vote. Thanks for the warm welcome to the forum everyone, as well! http://lge.23video.com/video/10049338/lg-dollhouse
  12. Thank you all, I appreciate it, the Cromwell one is very close to where I live so I may check it out this year.
  13. Where are you exactly? I'm in the Baltimore Area. I haven't committed to obtaining a house, so I'm not sure, but it seems like good bones.
  14. Thanks Deb, I just kind of played around with it on my balcony and placed a scale tree in front of the window and real life trees in the back, and a soft focus so it gave a nice somewhat realistic looking view. Thanks for your compliments
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