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  1. Wow, I haven't been around here in a while! It's been a few months. I hope y'all still remember me I haven't had the time or the space to work on any minis lately. I've been having some troubles recently, including finding out there's a cyst developing in my sister's brain. The doctors aren't sure why it's there, so she's been in and out of the hospital getting all sorts of tests. I'm also in the process of searching for a new house, so that's kept me busy! And I just don't have the space for big dollhouses, but hopefully that will change when I move. I think for now I'm going to stick to w
  2. Happy thanksgiving everyone! Delicious food awaits
  3. We're snowed in! Over a foot of snow and the roads are terrible. A car went off the road nearby and knocked out a transformer, so we didn't have power from 2:00 - 6:00 PM. If the power was out on Thanksgiving I would probably cry...
  4. Roxy, that reminds me I have to organize my recipes. Half of them are hanging on the fridge and the other half are in a pile on the kitchen counter! I really need a binder LOL! Wow, Grazhina, I'm sorry to hear about the hacking issues! I hope you get it all sorted.
  5. A friend warned me about using poison. Apparently she had a couple mice living in her house and she set out poison to kill them. A couple days later there was a horrible stench coming from her bedroom wall and she had to hire someone to remove the dead bodies! Poison is also a no-no for me due to pets. I'd be worried one of the cats would find it and accidentally eat it. I'm going to pick up some regular traps from Home Depot!
  6. I think I just about died. I was in the kitchen baking and I heard a scratching noise coming from the cabinet under the sink. I had absolutely no idea what it was, so I went over to investigate. I opened the cabinet door and guess what I found? A RAT! I only got a quick glimpse of its face but that was enough for me! I don't know how I am going to sleep tonight knowing there is a rat in the house. I keep imagining it running over my face as I sleep! Eww.
  7. Good evening Stayed late at the office to get some work done. Glad to be home... sigh. It's still November but I think winter is here already! 18 degrees this morning. This is when I regret living in the North East....
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    Gorgeous! I love it.
  9. I think Winter is finally here... 27 degrees today! Ugh. Luckily the house is toasty warm! Wish I lived in somewhere warm like maybe Arizona.
  10. I didn't do much today. I'm just recovering from the flu so I've been relaxing. I did take a trip to Petco yesterday though, got a new betta fish. Fish are my other hobby alongside miniatures
  11. I packed up the Worthington after I lost my muse and had no space in my bedroom for anything else (I need a workshop!) but now I can hear it crying. So off I go, getting it out again and setting everything up. I'm also working on some polymer minis to sell.
  12. I made it to Cape Cod safe and sound! The house has a great view on the private beach Today's plan is a flea market then swimming.
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    Sweets area

    So cute! I love it
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