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  1. I'll be there! I'm taking Dana's doll class again, Jil's dodo bird class, and the metal mini-painting class. Are you taking any classes?
  2. Welcome, Lindsay! I don't know if you're aware, but there are several very active miniature groups in Omaha. One has a blog here: http://ocbmg.blogspot.com/ That's a great group of people and wonderful miniaturists.
  3. I hope this is okay to post here. If not, please move or remove. Thank you. The following was posted in several Facebook groups I'm in. Please keep your eyes open for this mouse. Thanks. "I'm hoping one of you might be able to help me. I had my Hickory Dickory Clock Shoppe on display at the Tucson Miniature Show this weekend. The whole show went really well, and everybody loved my clock shop. It was really fun to hear everybody's comments. Sometime during the last half hour of the show on Sunday, somebody stole one of the mice off my clock shop. I'm totally devastated
  4. Oh my. That is a rough vacation! Glad everyone ended up okay though. Mom and I are headed to Nebraska State Day this weekend, so I've been working on my swap items. It's an attic theme this year so I decided to go for something that wouldn't really fit in other projects. I made elephant foot umbrella stands and walking sticks. They were a little more work than I first thought they'd be (somehow my swap items always end up that way! ) but I like how they turned out, especially the later ones. My 5-year-old is begging for one of her own. Tomorrow I'm headed to the Kansas State
  5. LadyGunn


    Thank you both! :)
  6. LadyGunn

    2016 Left.jpg

    Thank you, Samantha! The paper is scrapbook paper and the organ is a Bespaq set I picked up on a whim at a miniature shop in Duluth, Minnesota.
  7. LadyGunn

    2016 Window.jpg

    Thank you both! Pgwyn, I printed off a leaded glass window design from the internet, then taped the plexi over it and used lead tape to trace the lines. The lead tape I used is intended to add weight to tennis rackets, and is rather wide. I cut it into 4 skinnier strips before laying it down. After getting everything else done, I glued the windows in and used Triple Thick on both sides to make the windows look like wavy antique glass. This is the tutorial I followed: http://glorioustwelfth.blogspot.jp/2011/03/how-to-make-dollhouse-miniature-lead.html
  8. I've been cramming to finish up some items that I'm displaying at one of the local libraries. Today was the deadline and it's finally all in! I was worried I wouldn't have enough to fill the case but the display was smaller than I remembered and there was one item I couldn't squeeze in. Pictures here. Next deadline is the state fair. I have a roombox and a doll to finish for that. Then I'm teaching the project at the next club meeting and have to prep that. Then I need to be ready with enough miniatures to demonstrate for 5 hours at the fair. After the demo, we leave for Nebraska State Day
  9. I've considered streaming to Twitch.tv's creative channels and several friends through there have said they'd be very interested in watching me make miniatures. Sadly, our internet is too slow and I'm not going to add hundreds of dollars each year to our bill just to try something that this introverted person might hate. On Twitch, there's a chat going on the side and people ask questions or just chat with the streamer. Add in the Discord app, and they can come into your channel and actually talk with you. :)
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