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  1. Thank you both for the kind words! Bugatari, I use strip wood from miniatures.com I prefer the 1/16 thickness as it is easy to cut. They only sell these two widths: http://www.miniatures.com/Strip-Wood-12-Inch-Width-P17850.aspx and http://www.miniatures.com/Strip-Wood-14-Inch-Width-P17847.aspx but you can always double up or cut the pieces to smaller widths as needed. I stain a bunch of lengths at a time; two light coats followed by a light sanding and then one final coat waiting one day per coat to dry. After installation, I touch up any bare edges with a tiny paintbrush
  2. Thanks, MOTE! It's not talent though. Its making the same mistake over and over and eventually getting something that's OK in the end. There's still a lot of work to do, of course, but at least its fun. -David
  3. Thank you. I debated this decision for quite a while myself. I have looked at pictures of your builds and others in this forum for inspiration innumerable times. There are so many great ideas and beautiful examples to guide newbies like myself.
  4. Thank you! I'm still learning myself, but one of things I've learned to do includes removal of my errors with a straight razor blade. Assuming the glue has already dried on a section you just laid, you can remove it with a razor blade scraper (they come in packs of ~10 at the local hardware store). By carefully inserting below the pieces you wish to remove, you can get them out without damaging adjoining pieces. I learned this the hard way after ruining many pieces with a small flat head screwdriver.
  5. Thank you all for the kind words! (Also apologies for misspelling parquet everywhere.)
  6. Agreed! I'll pull this floor out shortly and replace it with something better.
  7. Thank you, Emerald! I've enjoyed making the floors, despite the long hours its taken. I think I could have done this in 1:1 scale in about as much time! ;)
  8. Thanks! I find it great fun reproducing pictures and patterns from old Victorian houses.
  9. Hehee! Thanks, Kathie. I frequently think I could do this quicker in 1:1 scale.
  10. dkumpula

    lit hallway

    I love the depth the lighting from the back hall provides. The built in shelving is lots of fun as well. This whole floor makes for a fun space with lots of character, especially when juxtaposed against the exquisite upper floors.
  11. Hey Kari! No I didn't prep it, but I wish I had ensured I removed all traces of glue from the copper before treating it. I wasn't aware of it, but a tiny bit of film from the white glue used to adhere the copper still remained near the top and bottom edges. As you may be able to tell from the photos, this kept these areas from taking the treatment as well as the rest of the copper. That said, the look has grown on me and I'm not planning on changing it. Besides, there's still the interiors to work on, so rework on the outside is low priority.
  12. That's really kind of you all. It wouldn't have come out half as nice if I didn't have the inspiration from the mini builders on this site. That said, it would have been easier to build if I had spent more time reading this forum before building.
  13. Well, she already stole my heart, so she might as well do the same with the mini. ;)
  14. Thanks Kelly! My hope is that it gets played with at least as long as I spend building it!
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