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  1. thank you, I designed the fabric - rug, pillows and curtains - myself.
  2. thank you! so much fun to be had with unfinished furniture.
  3. Here are some random tutorials: How to make mini ice cubes: http://dollhouselove.com/blogs/news/14864691-how-to-make-miniature-ice-cubes DIY Dollhouse Magazines with Free Printable (my favorite): http://dollhouselove.com/blogs/news/16014891-how-to-make-dollhouse-magazines Hope you enjoy!
  4. Thank you for the great references! I just requested from the library 3 of the books mentioned above. Last weekend I picked up McCall's Big Book of Dollhouses and Miniatures. They have detailed templates for a few houses. The Victorian template is quite elaborate (in my opinion). They lost me with some of the more childish, felt projects, but I guess you could say there was something for everyone.
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