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  1. Holly, I would love to, but i have absolutely no room for it here.
  2. This is a nice rehab project option for someone with room for a big house. I imagined it finished and it would be gorgeous. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/clt/d/hartland-antique-dollhouse/7139504910.html
  3. Today I received this email from Tom and Leni Bishop: CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL 2020/2021 We are extremely sorry to inform you that we have cancelled the 2020 Chicago International. All Preview Tickets and workshop sign ups for the 2020 show will be honored at the 2021 show. Our plans are to repeat the same workshops that were scheduled for the 2020 show. All hotel reservations in our room block for 2020 have been canceled and our new dates have been placed into the computer. You will need to contact the Marriott to book your 2021 dates as again, this is a new show. The dates for the 2021 show are April 16, 17, 18 with workshops beginning on April 12. If you are unable to attend on these dates and you have Preview Tickets or have booked workshops please let us know. Thank you all so very much for bearing with us during these very trying times. Leni & Tom Bishop
  4. I started writing down everything that i buy from the very beginning. I have a general log of everything that i get, and another where I separate everything : furniture by room, houses, accessories, scales, building materials, etc. When i sale something, I cross it over. I include the prices (yikes!!). I keep the accessories in plastic labeled bins, and the furniture pieces in labeled boxes by room. Smaller scales in a cupboard, inside labeled boxes by scale. if you create a system from the beginning is easier. To do this after a few years will be fun but harder.
  5. Thank you Holly! Same for you and all the awesome Moms of this forum! Have all a safe and wonderful day!
  6. Beautiful, loaded and lighted, very detailed Talina Melenchenko 1:48 scale Dutch style house with loaded greenhouse. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Artist-Talina-Melenchenko-1-48-scale-Dutch-style-house-with-greenhouse-gardens/402175111092
  7. Very happy to be back here. I missed this place a lot. Cheers!!
  8. Thanks Jess for your kind words. Will see how it goes, but not very optimistic here. For sure happy to have this place open again!
  9. Hi everybody. It was a very nice surprise this morning when i checked again and found the forum up and running. It's been so lonely and sad, scary and stressful this past weeks, that feel like months not weeks, so not having this place available to share with you guys added to the bad feelings. I have two projects ready to start but couldn't find the will to do so. I bought my ticket for this spring show andas you all know it was postponed. I also doubt that it will happen at all this year, maybe next year, and I doubt it will happen even then. So chances are that the last Tom Bishop show was the one we were lucky to attend last 2019 year. Unbelievable! Hopefully somebody else will continue Tom's legacy......
  10. Soooo beautiful!!, I strongly doubt that this one will be out for sale, lol!
  11. The only piece that to me looks out of place (circa wise) is the white long cabinet on the 3rd picture, color and handles look more of this times. I could be wrong....
  12. Couple of Barbara Hoffman (B.H.Miniatures kits), rare oak finished leaded glass upper cabinets 1:12 scale https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dollhouse-Miniature-Vintage-Barbara-Hoffman-Leaded-Glass-Upper-Cabinets-1-12/303452847571?hash=item46a732fdd3:g:dlcAAOSwRi9eJJDp If anyone can get them at the starting bidding price, even better!
  13. Can you post pictures of them? that would be a good start to critique.
  14. This Ebay posting blew my mind. I think now I have seen pretty closed to everything. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MINIATURE-DOLL-HOUSE-OLD-FASHION-COUNTRY-STORE-RIBBON-RACK/254444157136?hash=item3b3e0db8d0:g:kAQAAOSwUVpdnlos
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