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  1. 4 more lights and a fireplace to run wires for and then I can lay some flooring. If I feel like a break I can start the job of painting what looks like miles of trim, some break
  2. 22c or 70f here in southern Ontario and I pulled some weeds.
  3. My first love are my 2 grandkids Cameron 5 and Madison 3. Madison being the reason I am building a doll house. But that's not my first dabble with miniaturization. I used to have a large HO/OO model train and am currently building one of Cameron. Cameron has also got me back in to the radio control world both cars and planes. My other passion is my old Lotus Super Seven sports car. I'm not a big reader except to gain knowledge in my many hobbies. And yes after almost 50 years of full time employment I am retired and …. busier than ever
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