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  1. I love it! You did a great job! I love your whole house, too. I've always looooooved Wizard of Oz, and this is awesome!
  2. I am so jealous of you guys that have all these awesome stores! I live in the boonies, its two and half hours to ANYTHING but a Walmart, LOL! I will be making a trip soon, though, always do for Christmas, but of course the day I go, there won't be any good sales like this!
  3. Linda, sent you a pm, I can send you the frames you need.
  4. I found some a while back at Walmart. They were 4 to a pack, only could use about 2 per package, though. The "good" two are pretty cute, I'll try to post a pic later, I'm so behind on uploading pics.
  5. It DOES look totally real! Amazing!!! What did you use?
  6. I think this is it. Its not a mini contest but about decorating on a small scale.
  7. I'm "trying" to do some myself with Sculpey, results are .....ok, I guess, LOL. I am getting better, though, so there's hope! While I can't afford to buy them, they are certainly worth what people are asking for them. I realize that after trying to do some on my own! Theres a LOT of work (not to mention talent) that goes into them. Going to check out the link you posted, thanks!
  8. I love Glue Dots! I've used them for years, as I scrapbooked before doing minis and they are great. Did you know you can make your own? I can't remember how, but if you google it, you'll find the directions. I tried it a long time ago and they worked ALMOST as well as the real thing! And much cheaper. ETA: here's a link: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/forums/techniques-f11/make-your-own-glue-dots-t383092.html
  9. Starting a new house is one of my favorite parts! I love opening that box, after looking at it and imagining for a while, LOL, and starting on a whole new adventure! To me, thats what each house is, an adventure. In the beginning you don't know where thats going to lead you, will you learn about early American furniture or will you be studying the literature of 18th century France, or the swords of medival times? Its amazing the places our houses take us! I've learned so much much about history, the world and myself with each house I do, so a new one is just so full of possibilities! There's nothing like that planning stage, when our houses "speak" to us, we free our minds to the possibility of anything!
  10. I didn't even know some of those magazines were around! The Early Homes is just full of awesomeness! I may have to suscribe!
  11. Holly, I hadn't thought about that...hmmm.....I've never done a roombox, either, would like to do one. And you're right, they aren't going to be around forever. Mama is where I get my craftiness from, so many great memories growing up doing different things. Maybe I will get her involved, too.....
  12. Ok, that program works!! Awesome, now I can download them to read when I'm offline and also on my Sony Reader and my other ereader! I like having stuff on them while I'm working on my dollhouses, I can prop it up and keep a picture, etc. up while I work! Just make sure to follow the directions EXACTLY, and each magazine, book,etc has to be in "full view", make sure you click that before you copy the URL.
  13. Someone may have posted this before, but I didn't know about it, so maybe others don't either. Google books has TONS of free magazines to read on their site! Old and new! For example, right now I am reading Log Home Design magazine: Log Home Design Magazine TONS of ideas, pics,etc for my cabins I'm planning. I'm so excited, LOL!!! Especially for the older ones! And this magazine is called "Early Homes", simply amazing! Will come in handy for lots of houses! Early Homes magazine Make sure you click the "all issues" thing on the left to see the other issues, too. There's about 10 or so for that one. Here's some of their magazines(maybe all,not sure) List of Magazines For some reason, on their homepage, I can not find a link to just "magazines" and their search feature is horrible. I had to google to get that link with the magazines. If anyone can find it from their site, please let me know, LOL! You can't download directly from there, looks like, but I did find this: Program to download magazines/books It has a simple software to download them and tells you how to download them, I've not tried it yet, but am downloading it now, so I'll let you know if it works. A few more magazines that I've found so far: Arts and Crafts Homes American Woodworker Old House Interiors Timber Home Living magazine New Old House Not really mini related, but very cool, LOL!Although, it COULD be used for inspiration such as hairstyles, clothing ect. Life magazine from 1972 on and Spin from the 80's! Life magazine Spin magazine from the 80's Since its hard to find a complete list of what they have, can you suggest some that would be good for mini work, inspriration, etc?
  14. I think you are still accurate. The Ingalls family DID have Carrie and Grace. I've been following you since the beginning, I LOOOOOOVE Little House. My mama always loved them, too, and bought me all the books as a little girl. We read them together, her for the 3 or 4th time! That was a very special thing for me. I showed her your stuff and now she's throwing a fit wanting me to do one, LOL! Of course, she refuses to believe that her wonderful, perfect, can do anything child ( me) isn't talented enough to pull it off, LOL! So, I wound up telling her that I would work on it when I get all my other projects finished, not telling her that would be.....probably never! LOL! Just keep posting, you never know, I may have to copy you someday!
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