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  1. Heres some pics of the cool new Kit that my girlfriends mom got. She has been admiring the work I've done on the other houses and has been saying that she wants one of her own. I was Quite surprised and excited when the other day she said she had a kit given to her!! She brought it home the other night and I picked it up ASAP! It turns out to be a cool Santa's Cottage Kit from, I believe 1986, It was unopened. still had the plastic wrap on it. A very cool find. It seems as thought the house was produced by another company as it has a Greenleaf sticker over another emblem that says it is now pr
  2. Ahh yes, that would explain it. just thought it was odd, but I just kinda figured the hobby has progressed since the mid 80s!I got the base together and the hard wood first floor down. gotta sand and stain and poly it then ill put up the walls.
  3. sorry no pics yet, was tired. and now i gotta work. very excited about this one. its much smaller than the others i have and im gonna have a blast slamming it together. Ive been looking thru the paperwork that came with ita nd as far as i can tell i think the kit is from 1986. and one thing i found intresting was, one of the first things i learned on this greenleaf forum was NEVER build with hot glue. And one of the first things the instructions say is that greenleaf HIGHLY recommened USEING hot glue as it would save tons of time.LOL. Sorry Greenleaf, just thought it was funny. Ill get what pi
  4. Yep, its a Greenleaf santas cottage, a few years old, never opened. pics after dinner! :kicking:
  5. ahh ok. so i possibly is not a greenleaf as i havent seen the actual box yet, i just looked it up and every pic i saw was a greenleaf. i will know for sure tomorrow. either way, WOO HOO for another house to build!!!
  6. Hi all, ive been busy with this winter weather up here and havent done much to the dollhouses lately, but got word the other day that my mother in law had aquired a dollhouse that she wanted me to build, she brought it home today and i will be picking it up tomorrow. I dont know much about where or how she got it all she said was it hadnt been opened and it was called "santa's cottage". after a little reasearch ive concluded that it is a Greenleaf Tiffani mansion/Santa's Cottage. I dont know weather its old or new, but im very excited to tear into it. Id be intrested to hear more about this ho
  7. Thanks everyone! got the carpet in the second floor this after noon, going on to the 2nd floor trim next. more pics to come!!
  8. got some paint on my front door during the ceiling painting process..gonna fix it towards the end..may take it right out and redo it..and sorry about the finger in the pic...im bad for that..
  9. I picked up a few more pieces of paper for the dining room on the first floor. going to do a little trim work today on the second floor. still needs a little finish paint but its coming out O.K. I think it looks nice and girly so far. the paper in the dining room on the 1st floor and living room on the 2nd floor have a nice glitter on them, i dont know how long it will last but gives it a reall nice enchanting, elegant look i think. heres a few more pics of progress. just have to find paper for the kiten and master bedroom now.
  10. ive never ordered from them but have their catolog and plan to order..you can also get really cool property deeds for your dollhouses. i have one for my sanfran and one for the cape. and they are free.
  11. Thanks for all the comments! and im glad to hear that there are people with carpeted bathrooms!! Ive personally never seen it but glad to hear it does exist! I get these crazy ideas but then i side of me asks if it would be done like that in a real house, then the other side of me figures its not a real house and does it anyway!! Im pretty happy with how its turning out heres a few pics of progress...
  12. yeah i was real impressed with the selection!! ill be going to get more! i was going to see if i could get it in bigger sheets but it sounds like thats the catch.. owell for the price i think i can make it work ok!
  13. O.K. So i rushed into it.. Couldnt help myself and dove right in. Far from done but you all will get the idea of what im thinking. I know there probly shouldnt be carpet in the bathroom but owell its all pretend and i guess these dolls like carpet in their bathroom.. I think it looks pretty good and hope it continues to go well. heres a few pics...
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