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  1. I love that little house, you did such a great job on it! Very classy
  2. Thanks everyone Im pretty happy with it for my first house. Yes it has some metalic paint and the roof is actually copper paint that has patina (all faux paint) I want to take better pics soon so you can see it better, it is pretty (scary) LOL Once again thanks for all the nice comments, my next house is going to be a Christmas house for my husband... on our block he is known as "Father Christmas" and Im known as "The Witch" LOL the funniest thing is we are Jews
  3. Lzrdsgal

    Haunted dollhouse

    This is my first house, my haunted dollhouse. It is a Creatology house, the Fantasy Dollhouse. It is 1:24 scale.
  4. Oh I just love them!!!! Talk about cute
  5. Lzrdsgal

    Celeste meets Rosie

    Git in my belly!!!! LOL :idiot:
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