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  1. So, today my hubby decides he needs (read wants), a new phone.  Go to AT&Tabd now I AM the owner of an S9 note.  I'm not sure how this happened.   It was a BOGO thing.  I dont need a new phone, didn't want a new phone.   Oh well. I have it now.  Time to reset all my stuff.  

  2. Went to FL. Youngest grandson's first football game.  I lasted 3 quarters (with an umbrella), but sun finally won and I had to retreat to the car and turn on the AC.  Felt bad the rest if the day.  

    Head back again for Tuesday game.  Have I ever mentioned I detest football.    Grandpa is super excited.   I'm just happy to spend time with the kids.

  3. Holly, had the Greek festival on my calendar,  but kids came here instead.  Took me to dinner last night for early birthday present.   Then today we went to an ocean adventures park in gulfport.   Fun but tiring day.  Came home and grilled ribs and burgers.   They head back  to FL after breakfast in the morning.

    Maybe next year.  Still have the Pensacola one on the calendar. 

  4. Fairfield church is slowly progressing.   Picked up a jar of the paint I was going to use for interior of church.   Opened it and found a spongy glob of paint.  Opened a second jar.......same thing.  As of right now nearly 20 jars of my paint supply is headed to the drop point in Biloxi.   I'm depressed.   There is another box of paints I will have to go through tomorrow.   $$$$$$$$ in the garbage. 


    I guessing being in the un-air conditioned storage unit was the culprit for the destruction.    Oh the humanity!!!!!!

  5. Just a note for those that don't already know.    

    The BEST use for a credit card........spreading a thin layer of paste, glue, or what ever.  They work great and you can get into corners.   Credit cards can be cut to size for tiny areas. 

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  6. Fairfield church started.  Got 9 windows adjusted(modified), to fit the gothic style windows.  Then I realized I ordered 10, there are actually 11 windows.   AARRGGHH!. So I'm in a quandary-  do I seal the windows in the tower,  or just put in one at the front, or spend 10+ $$$$ for one itty bity window?????


    I do have a question for Fairfield builders.  Is that downstairs fireplace structural?  I want the "livingroom and dining" rooms to be one large open room.  The fireplace is in the way. 

  7. Oldest granddaughter and her new (1 yr anniversary trip) hubby are visiting from MO.  They took their first venture into a casino yesterday then hit the beach. Grandma and grandpa treated them to dinner . Today middle daughter is on her way over to spend time with her niece. Love having the house full of my family.   Tomorrow it goes silent again as they all head back to their homes.

    Well, off to the cardiologist.   Whoopee.   Have I mentioned I really hate going to the doctor. 

  8. Oldest son came fir a short visit.  I loved having them here.  Daughter drove over from Destin area to visit with her big brother.  Grilled in the yard for lunch.  They left Wednesday. 

    Next week oldest granddaughter and her hubby will come.  It's so nice to finally have space for company.   (Sadly no space for my 31 houses .....yet)

  9. Oldest son on the way to our house from MO.  I'm excited to have him visit for a few days.  Then on the 7th, his daughter is coming down.   Miss Emily is the awesome artist that did 2 mini paintings that hang,  (will hang once the house gets moved here) in my Becon Hill. 

  10. Another trip to MO.  This time to KC area. Took a granddaughter home. Spent Sunday on their farm.  Other granddaughter went with us and she lived the goats, newborn calf, horses, pony, mini horse, AND, ,,,,,,,  OMG!!!  chickens .  

    Daughter has a rooster that's no bigger than a hand full.  He thinks he is a big rooster.   It's so funny to watch that little feller chase the big roosters away from HIS ladies. 

    Today we go pick up the ashes of "Sir" and find a proper burial spot for him.  We sent him across the Rainbow Bridge on Friday before we headed north.   15+years old and had stopped eating completely.   We tried IV fluids but was just prolonging the inevitable.   He will be missed.  Both granddaughters went with us.(their choice) and were super troopers.  I was so proud of what young ladies they have become.

    Tomorrow mom comes to collect the other granddaughter.   It's going to get real quiet around here. 

  11. Got my beach house up on its pillars today.  Yeah......it fit.  Had to remove the old mini lights.  They finally bit the dust.  Put in a new string.  Removed the paper from the first floor porch.  I'm going to leave it just painted for now. (It was a faux stone paper)  waiting for glue to dry on the deck railing.  Roof reattached.  Thankfully all the doors still work, no damage from the move.  Now to get it's furniture from storage in MO.

    Next is to decide where to put it.  My other half is being a jerk right now.  He just might be sleeping with dollhouses since he doesn't want them in the living room.  And he wonders why I'm not in a good mood.

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