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  1. DaveD1052

    I 590

    Thanks. I will do smaller projects, I'm sure. I need to get paintings done for a show in September. I have not painted in over a year and in a dry spell. Here is a link to my online art gallery (you may have seen b4) http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/david-dobs.html?tab=artwork Thanks for your kind words throughout.
  2. DaveD1052

    I 560

    All doors and drawers open. Plexiglass windows.
  3. DaveD1052

    I 510

    Thanks, all.
  4. DaveD1052

    I 470

  5. DaveD1052

    I 420

    Still thinking about a clear cover. I watched over it every day when it was in the recent 10-day art show. Would need a cover if it is unattended.
  6. DaveD1052

    I 390

    House is 'only' 4 feet tall. Looks as big as the fireplace but that's an illusion.
  7. DaveD1052

    I 360

    Thanks! Exterior and Hallways were not in the 1980 design. Original project was supposed to be twice as big, believe it or not. HAD to be scaled back!
  8. DaveD1052

    I 230

    See later pic. Roof lifts off also. Electrical systems all in "attic"
  9. DaveD1052

    I 170

    Had A's in mechanical drafting in 1968. I have a notebook full of design sketches.
  10. DaveD1052

    I 110

    You are not the first to suggest plumbing. They did not run fast enuf to escape clobber.
  11. DaveD1052

    I 520

    Thanks (to the person that made the drapes for me)
  12. DaveD1052

    I 430

    Thanks. I had these made for me. They are made form brass tubing, glass jewelry beads, fine wire and odd bits of things. I wired and lighted them, however.
  13. DaveD1052

    I 430

    The large rooms have 16 foot ceilings, and the smaller are about 8 feet. The camera wide-angle lens makes the upper floor look taller.
  14. DaveD1052

    I 590

    Thanks. Most of the floors, walls and ceilings were 90 completed and stored in layers in 7 boxes. I had to design and build the exterior shell, front panel, inside hallway and roof. Assembled and wired everything. Worked about 800 hours during a 10 week period this year, sometimes as much as 16 hours a day to meet the art show deadline.
  15. DaveD1052

    Thorne Manor

    Miniature Georgian style home, circa 1785 architecture, 1/12 scale. Designed and built from scratch, not a manufactured kit.
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