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  1. Still hotter than 40 sides of homemade hell where I'm at...


    But, on another note, I did get out to my shop over the weekend and can now walk around about 3/4 of it. Got a LONG way to go but at least I can do that. When Stefanie moved a lot of her stuff went in there and when my mom passed away a lot of her stuff went in there. Now I'm organizing and getting rid of stuffs.

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  2. We had cloudy nasty looking stuff yesterday and the day before, and we were under flash flood watches from those storms, but other than a few sprinkles nothing happened. Today it's back to the beautiful carolina blue skies and I think we're supposed to top out around 80 degrees.....

  3. The weather here in NC is as usual--undecided. We have a saying here--if you don't like the weather today, don't worry, it'll change tomorrow. Today it started out cold but warmed up. This weekend I think it's supposed to rain, and beginning Monday (of course when I'm at work) we're finally going to be in the low 70s all week.

    Oh yes, this week we've already had snow, sleet, sun and rain....

  4. :hmm: Wonder why that happens huh?!?

    Hopefully you'll find it soon...


    Dunno. Always have to work like a dog the week before I take any time off, come back and I'm at least 3 weeks behind.... LOL! Just the way it goes. I've now found a third of my desk under the mounds of paperwork and files....

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