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  1. Maybe try a "dirty wash"? Take half a cup of water and put 2 drops of black acrylic paint and 2 drops of dark burnt umber acrylic, stir well. Take a stiff bristle brush (if you don't have one a regular works ok too) and just brush it on the bricks. Takes the "shine" off and makes it look more used.

    PS, if one coat doesn't do as well add another....

  2. 2 hours ago, shannonc60 said:

    Grazhina, thank you, I do have Paint on a laptop (where I don’t store any photos - we have everything Apple and the laptop is used only to operate the laser cutter). I had a short play last night and it has changed since I last used it. It’s clunky but will persevere.

    And Linda, thankyou. I will try that too. 


    All computers have "paint". It's a program pre-installed. Click on your "start" or "window" icon at the left hand bottom corner of your screen and it brings up programs. If you don't see paint, then search for it in the search bar. It will pull it up.

    And you're welcome on my word instructions. You can also add several pix into a word document and re-size each and every one. I use that all the time...

  3. Using Word, copy the picture and then paste it into a blank word document. Once the picture is in the word document, double click the picture and it brings up a box which says "Format Picture". There are several tabs. To resize simply choose the tab that says "size" and you can change it by percentage. Hope that's what you were trying to figure out.

  4. 12 hours ago, WyckedWood said:

    Looks great, the brick exterior will be a perfect touch. 

    The brickwork is on the inside. There was no real way to wallpaper that wall (because it's too tall and blends into the whole house) so I bricked it instead...

  5. I've recently gotten into a "building" mode, after quite some time of not touching anything. It feels good. I finished the Victorian Farmhouse and the Front Opening Victorian and they have new homes. I had intended to work on putting my Madison and my Adams together on their base, and a very dear friend of mine mistakenly mentioned she had always wanted a dollhouse. I had 2 that I had started and not finished and asked her which she would like. She chose the Vineyard Cottage, which I had started years ago. I took it out of the shop and started building. My friend, whose last name begins with a "B" (hence the "B" in the brickwork) only cared about the color--she wanted it red and gave me full artistic control over the rest. She has not yet seen it, only where I was at the beginning which is the last picture shown. Anyhow... I'm playing again. Let me know what you think. I'm at the point now where I have to roof and I HATE roofing... Hopefully this link works...


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  6. On ‎11‎/‎24‎/‎2019‎ ‎6‎:‎22‎:‎02‎, KathieB said:

    Tell me about it.  Ms. Beacon Hill has told me she wants to have wooden siding painted in a half dozen colors -- six different times, not all at once. She has also demanded brick with stone quoins and,or stucco at various times, sometimes musing about board and batten beneath the bay windows. Currently it is holding out for a brownstone skin. If only she would make up her mind ... 

    LOL! That's too funny! I understand though. I've gotten almost finished with a house only to have it tell me it wants something totally different...

  7. 17 hours ago, havanaholly said:

    Remember that laser cutting chars the wood, so you will want to clean the edges of the soot.  If you have a choice with the RGT go with wood; MDF is heavy and IMO much more involved in getting it to finish nicely.

    And if you don't and you're using superglue, well that soot is gonna be stuck on your fingers for a while...

  8. Yes! That's it! How did you find it? I added more pix so you can see where I am. I don't know if you can see it, but the pictures on the nightstand in the bedroom, 1 is of my friend her husband and daughters and the other is her granddaughter. Waiting on pictures and other bits and pieces to come in. Waiting on the "water" to dry in the pond (have to add several layers) but getting seriously close to being finished.

  9. Big green house. I forgot the name of it. Waiting on some pictures and other remaining accessories to come in to finish out the interior and also working on landscaping. Want to get it to my friend soon. Well that and I want to work on the base for the Madison and Adams to be displayed together and I need the table space... I can't figure out how to add a picture to this post...

  10. That's a huge house! I have one to build someday, when I get to it. Real life gets in the way...

    Everyone's different. I never know what color the house wants to be until I've built it, so I paint AFTER I build. Same with wallpaper, I don't know what it wants until after it's built so I wallpaper after it's built. Makes for some interesting angles sometimes, but... the only way I wallpaper BEFORE a build is if the wall that I am wallpapering will be inaccessible after it's put together (such as on the Glencroft).

    For bricks (did you see my ears perk up? I LOVE BRICK!!!!), I use paperclay. If you look around on the forum, I'm almost certain I did a brick tutorial on a group build on the Orchid.

    Wiring, I like the round wire as well. It's easily hidden behind wallpaper, etc.


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