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  1. Safire1966

    With lid off.

    Sounds great cant wait to see what you gonna do.
  2. I woke up this morning got my coffee and got on the lappy. I got a PN from my daughter wishing me a early Mothersday telling me that I am an awsome mom and a wonderful Oma (grandma) to my grandkids. She wont be home this weekend but we will skype next week so this really made my day and knowing to see them next week makes me feel all warm inside.
  3. Safire1966


    That is so awesome. Nice pick!!!!
  4. Safire1966

    canopy bed

    That is so beautyful.
  5. Safire1966

    Stairway 4

    Thank you so much Maureen.
  6. Safire1966

    Stairway 4

    Thank you Blondie.
  7. Safire1966


    lol I kind of hope so but on the other hand the challange was great too. I only lost it twice. lol
  8. Safire1966

    My BH in the making

    My first dollhouse and I love it but I am very slow at working on it and still have problems and have to do and redo things
  9. That made me smile too and I think people who have pets will understand. I sign xmas and birthday card including my cat too and I would include him in an obituary as well.
  10. Tonight I finally get my car back. This is not just making me smile it makes me laugh. As soon as I feel better I be out there on the Autobahn.
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