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  1. Good morning ladies! Apperantly was I not aloud to write here yesterday but I could like things. I have no idea what I did wrong. Anyways...... Kat congratualations on your weight loss I think its so exciting that the pants you couldnt get closed before fit perfectly now. Way to go. I know working in the yard is alot of exercise so you cant really say you dont do a fitness programm because you do plus you enjoy the results from your effort so that is a two way reward at least I see it that way. I do think it is special to have a family tradition and I am glad you got to enjoy your Mc Donalds fish sandwich with your mom. You also drink more water now your doing it and your doing well. I been looking on those calorie informations on grocerys and stuff too but thats because I really had no idea what calories things have and I am suprised how high calories on (healthy or called diet) food really are. It was never an issue before this year cause I thought if there is the name light on it it is healthy. But I also believe when I go to a place to eat out I do not care about those calories and take the risk of gaining some weight. I said this before I do not go out alot but when I do I will eat what I would not eat at home with no regrets. But thats just me. Maureen I do really understand you licking those spoons and I think its great you made your mom a cake for mothersday I bet that made her very happy. Selkie it is a great idea I will do it next time like that but even by not trying it my in laws loved what I made so far so puh lucky me. lol I hope everybody had a great mothersday if you have children, fur babies or even your DH kids. I enjoyed mine and I even had a glass of wine last night. I have to admit I felt but I did enjoy it. I am really upset with our weather it has been stormy and rainy since thursday and no relieve in sight so I am not biking at all. I hope it changes soon. I wish you all a great start in the new week. Take good care of yourselfs.
  2. Safire1966

    With lid off.

    Sounds great cant wait to see what you gonna do.
  3. Holly I am glad you said that with the more calories burning with headwind cause I felt like I am whimpy. Yesterday I did read that around there where I rode the bike the winds took out several trees so I do believe with the wind still going on I be not biking till its over. I also know that the water lost in the beginning is very high which is alot of weight and I think everybody knows there be a time for a plateau but when it happens it still kind of leaves disapointment for the efford but than again I am proud now cause 25 Kilo 55,1 lbs is pretty good for me. Maureen you may laugh cause it is very funny especially since disco is so totally not my kind of music. I am a classic rock kind of a girl. lol There is more options to get other ones from Richard Simmons like sweating to the oldies and a few others and I tried a few but this very one does not make my knie hurt and that is very important cause I do not want to take the pain medication if I dont really have too plus I want to exercise every day. Since thursday we have stormwarnings of course dummy me just went out there without watching the news so I am glad I survived my bikeride. This makes me and my husband laugh cause he teases me that sport can kill you. lol Joane great for you. I dont know if we have the new weight watchers here but I know alot of people who did weight watchers and it worked very well for them so I hope you feel comfortable with them and you reach your goal. Susanne way to go I think it is fantastic that you turned your life around and doing well with it. Of course your doctor is proud of you that is a reason to be proud of. It is also awesome that Ray is doing it with you because I believe it does help and we want our loved ones to be healthy too. Dirk just startet with me and I hope he sticks to his guns because I do believe he is not really happy the way it is right now. We will see I just can speak for myself I will stick to it cause I already feel better. Maureen this is crazy that you had to fight for your medication cause you did not have the righjt insurance but I am glad your doctor fought for you because some generics dont do the same and for years they even said this is only a head thing which they now found out is not!!! Like you told Joane too dont take a no I mean there is a reason you need medication or tests or operations and I think its awful for them to say your insurance does not cover that. Like I said before they cut us alot of things but medications they are not alow to mess with and getting tests done which you feel is important to you they will do. I dont think that anybody should get second hand treatment cause of insurance issues. I made tons of food yesterday for my in laws cause my mother in law is having surgery on wendsday but she is going in the hospital on tuesday already. So yesterday I was in the kitchen making Schnitzel, rouladen and stuff like that. Lets just say typical german food but they can freeze it and just take out what they need or better said what my father in law needs. It was a suprise she did not know I am coming over. I made her cry which I know she did because she was touched and not because she dont like my food. lol It was never hard when I cooked for Dirk not trying if it tastes ok cause I never did taste it and he never complained. Even though my in laws are no strangers it was extremly hard not to try the food cause making sure it tastes right is more important ( in my mind) for others than for my DH. But I was brave and did not do it. I did invite them over for Mothersday but she is really scared and just does not want to be around anybody so I just brought her her Mothersday gifts as well. It was just the first time since I been doing this diet change that I did not have my off day and did not want to take my off day eighter to taste if everything is ok. Now since Dirk is with me on the diet I dont even think I need a off day actually exept when we are invited or something like that. Anyways a new experience but I made it through it being a good girl. I wish you all a wonderful day and should we not read eachother I wish everybody a very Happy Motherday. Keep going ladies your doing great!
  4. I woke up this morning got my coffee and got on the lappy. I got a PN from my daughter wishing me a early Mothersday telling me that I am an awsome mom and a wonderful Oma (grandma) to my grandkids. She wont be home this weekend but we will skype next week so this really made my day and knowing to see them next week makes me feel all warm inside.
  5. Maureen I am happy to read that you find your peace with how to stop the craving for the rest of the week. I know this messy weather makes me not to ride my bike like I want too eighter I only wrote it 3 times this week and yesterday with the heavy winds I only did ride 10 km. I think that is so sweet that you feel upset about my schooling also but I did not want that at all. I think I am over my self pitty party and like you said I will turn it into something produktiv. With the heavy snow most of you all had I can totally understand not being motivated and than if you have alot of pain thats a reason to not exercise eighter. Selkie dont beat yourself up and trust me when your ready you will find a way to do something that does not hurt or hurt so much and maybe you will enjoy it. Sounds wierd but after all this years I am a dancing fool with my Richard and actually the music gets on my nerves cause I only have one video but I want to hear him say you do great, you can do it, I love you and all that stuff. Plus when I am done I feel like a million bucks cause I did it and I have to admit I have that when I also wrote the bike but this I can do no matter how the weather is and on the bike I have nobody motivate me but me and I am not very good at it. lol Joane yes I did hit a plateau but I hope it is over now. I know my weightloss is so much smaller than in the beginingbut 4 weeks before I have seen a change I have to admit was a little discouraging. But since this diet thing is not just for till I loose the weight I want but a new lifestyle (otherwise I have that weight back ASAP) I think I am on my way to a better health and feeling better all around so I fight ( I mean really fight) being frustrated and going back to old habbits. Yesterday till in the afternoon was such a day and I know there be more to come but I am not giving in cause this past 4 month I worked hard on my new lifestyle more than I ever did in my life and I like being a fighter nope I dont like it I love it. I am very sorry to hear that the health insurance does not pay certain things but they startet doing that over here too which is frustrating. I hope there will be another solution that you doctor can find for you. I just want to tell you all I am very glad to have all of you and you being so supportive to me just really makes me feel fantastic. I am so glad to be a part of this group and I am so happy that everybody is talking about their feelings, about the struggle their ups and downs and nobody here is judging them in a negativ way. You all are an insperation to me and to each other. So thank you all very much for your support! I wish everybody a wonderful day. Dont give up cause you are worth it. Thanks again!!!!
  6. Yes thats so true and actually I am glad to be his maid most of the time but sometimes.....
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    That is so awesome. Nice pick!!!!
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    canopy bed

    That is so beautyful.
  9. Thank you so very much ladies and you all inspire me too. We all have weakness but to admit to it and still get back on track that is the best we can do. So thank you all here. P.S. I am over the graving thank goodness.
  10. I got to tell you about my crazy jealous cat. We have a little birdhouse in the yard. Since quiet a few weeks we have a a pair of bluetit they build a nest for their fledglings. You can see the little birdhouse real well from the livingroom window. Wicked watched them for weeks but lost interest I guess he knows he cant get to them. Since yesterday I noticed the fledglings come to the entrance of the birdhouse and I can see them get feed. It is an awesome show watching them little ones and my goodness do they eat. lol This late morning I was watching them babies again and Wicked sat right next to me looking at me but I kind of ignored him. OMG he just lost it he hissed at those birds like crazy even his ears were glued to his head. As I walked away he stoped and was his little self ( nice would be to much to say lol) so I went back to the window and he startet hissing again. That tells me he is jealous and I am supose to just be there for him. So now I am not quiet sure if its me or the cat thats crazy but I am sneaking a peek whenever he is not in the room or I think he is sleeping. I mean I am sneaking around in my house. Or is it his house? Cats are different
  11. German is an extrem hard language to learn I think, Kat. Your so right about that the love of minitures does get people all over the world together. What a great thought something that small makes people talk nice to each other and help each other. Just a thought.
  12. Joane I am very sorry to hear about your pain and I hope they find a relieve. I know they do it here with laser now and people who had it done are very happy with the results. So as I understood everybody has healthcare now (Obamacare I think its called) you might be able to look into that. Just a thought. Maureen your right about me having to be on top of it. They are so scadder brained and I have the feeling they just dont care about us people that there are alot that want to go back to work and not live of welfare or something like that, It has been so agrevating fighting with them that I did not even feel like writing anything. Like my mother said if you have nothing nice to say just shut up. lol I am sorry I did not really follow everything here I been in my own world even though I stayed on track. Yesterday I went on the scale and after 4 weeks I finally lost 2 more pounds. Yesterday it did not excite me much but today is a better day and yes I am happy. I think the chnge of life is really kicking me in the rear with cold hot flashes mood swings and just being an unhappy camper and of course not being able to start my school really got to me I think. I been working on my BH and almost got the roof on it. My husband is doing really well now I guess he got a little used to it and I hope he is being honest to himself at work too and just eats the lunch I made him and dont get nothing from the snack wagon that comes there every day. But he is old enough to know whats right and what is not. Today I am graving my drug really badly so I am gonna gte moving on my Richard and even though we have terrible weather I will get on the bike I just want to get through the day without giving in. I wish everybody a great and day. Take good care of yourselfs.
  13. Oh Maureen dont worry about not walking I mean you guys have floods as I understand it so it is more important to stay save and the weather will get better again and than you can be out there. Overduing it does happen so do not beat yourself up for it. Your doing great. Yesterdaxy was much better for my husband as well as for me I just think he has to get used to it and it will be fine. He wants to start weighing in on mondays so today is his big day. I am getting back on my bike today no matter what cause I need to have another exercise since my weight loss is at a stand still. I just got the news from the rehab department about my schooling supose to start in may will not be happening cause they still have to prove my health. I mean what in the world did they do since january? I am upset about that cause time is running and the next possible class will start in october. I guess the letter got here on saturday but was brought by accident to my neighbor and she brought me the letter yesterday. It is kind of a sat back for me but life goes on. I wish everybody a great day and keep going.
  14. Just tell me your favorits and I mail you the recipes.
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