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  1. Thanks, Carrie, for the article. It was very helpful.
  2. Tootsietoy dollhouse furniture from the 20's and 30's was made of metal.
  3. Does anyone know whether Tootsietoy doll house furniture and/or the paint used on them contains lead? I have been looking at this furniture on ebay & thinking about buying a piece of two, but I won't it they contain lead.
  4. Has anyone ever bought anything from Rubylane? Starting on Friday, May 15th, they are having a 72 hour sale with 30% off. Part of the proceeds from the sale goes to Feeding America covid relief. Lots of dollhouse items are included in this sale.
  5. mks

    Aging Brick

    This is a sheet of bricks, not from sandpaper. If I primed them, then the brick patterns would be covered up. I just want to add some type of paint or chalk layers to make them less new looking.
  6. mks

    Aging Brick

    What should I use for primer?
  7. I want to age the brick that I am attaching to the back of my fireplace. I have a sheet of brick that I think is made from latex because it is kind of rubbery and bendable. What can I use to age this - chalk pastels and then some type of sealer or acrylic paint and then sealer? Or something else. Thanks!
  8. mks

    Minimum World

    Thanks, Everyone!
  9. Has anyone ever ordered anything from Minimum World? Looks like they are based in the UK. What were the shipping costs for items shipped to the U.S.?
  10. With Washi tape, would you need to apply some type of sealer over it after it has been applied?
  11. Lisa, That's a beautiful house!
  12. Thanks, Holly! Can I use poster putty to stick the rug to the hardwood floor and also to stick the furniture to the rug?
  13. I was reading thru this topic of how-to tips for cleaning a dollhouse and in a few responses, some of you said that you take out all of the furniture before cleaning. So to combine this topic with the topic of what you use to keep furniture in place (poster putty, museum wax, glue dots, etc), I was wondering how much of your furniture you adhere in place when you are decorating your dollhouse? Also, if you remove furniture that you have adhered in place to do cleaning, do you have problems re-adhering the furniture back in the dollhouse after cleaning? One other question...do you adhere a rug to hardwood floor and then adhere the furniture to the rug? Or is there a better method to do this when decorating a dollhouse? As always, thanks, in advance, for any and all advice.
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