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  1. Hi Kathy, and welcome. I loved reading your post. You sound like a great mom doing these things with your daughter, and your daughter sounds amazing. It is nice to know that there are still young people that enjoy dollhouses. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Have lots of fun and enjoy!
  2. Hi Georgiana, I so agree with you! I did purchase the 1" scale Willowcrest a few years ago because I love the house so much but it still sits in the box because I still need to make room for it. But if there were a half scale version I would definitely have purchased that one and had it built by now and had no problem finding space for it.
  3. Hi everybody, Read through everyone's posts and glad to hear some of you are doing well, and for those who are having a hard time my thoughts and prayers are with you. Here in northwestern CT we're just trying to stay safe, I think our 'stay-at-home' orders end May 20. Not sure, just keep reading that is the date the governor has issued for the kids to go back to school. I'm very glad to have this forum back up and running, thank you Dean!! Coming here to the Greenleaf forum is a much needed escape from everything else going on out there and it is always nice to see and hear fr
  4. Thank you, Miranda, for posting this article. I really enjoyed it and liked seeing how much I related to a lot of what was being written.
  5. I am so glad I came here and told of what I was going through. I thank each and every one of you for your kind thoughts and the advice...I am going to put a little of everyone's suggestions together and see what happens. Again thank you all so much!!
  6. Thank you Sable, I will definitely give this a try. Jeannine, I'm sorry for the loss of your husband...but I think that gives you the right to say you know exactly how I'm feeling And as for this advice I am going to try to remind myself this is a blessing and try to go for it, thank you. Thank you, Holly, I really like the thought of "work your love for your mother into it," I think this will really help me overcome some of my guilt at doing something other than feeling the guilt and remorse. Thank you, Kathie, for this suggest
  7. Hi everyone, My mom passed sort of unexpectedly on 12-26-17. She had cancer but was in the hospital for something else and needed a routine, low risk procedure that was supposedly botched and she bled into her lung and died. So we lost her far sooner than we thought we would. I joined an online grieving forum but I know many here have lost loved ones and like me have used working on miniatures as a stress relief so I thought I'd ask this here. I have run the gamut of feelings, they loop around and around, mostly guilt for not having seen my mom as much as I should have, so th
  8. Hi Sue, I must say, you have quite a nice collection of chairs.
  9. Today is kind of a heat wave for us considering the temps we have had lately...sunny and 30 degrees. I broke down and bought a new pair of boots for this winter that stated they were good for temperatures down to -11 degrees but I didn't realize I was actually going to have the opportunity to test that claim out. I must say, the boots kept my feet pretty warm and it was actually -12 degrees out and I was walking around in snow up to my knees. My knees, however, were a little chilly.
  10. Kari Lynn

    IMG 6661

    When I first saw this kit at Laser Dollhouse Design I thought it was a beautiful kit but I couldn't see how anyone could make the interior work for lack of wall space. Well, you sure made it work!! It looks wonderful, I really love what you've done!!
  11. Kari Lynn

    Up until now

    This looks like a house I'd really want to be able to live in myself.
  12. Kari Lynn

    Goodwill house

    It's the Pierce. Wow, what deal you got. Nice!!!
  13. Kari Lynn

    Front View

    Looks really good. I love the name "Eternity Point" too
  14. Good job!! Those look pretty nice.
  15. Kari Lynn


    That is a nice shade of pink. It really seems to fit the house nicely. Can't wait to see the whole house when it is finished!
  16. Kari Lynn

    Cleaned up well!

    WOW. Who knew those beautiful wood floors were under all that dust? Very nice!!
  17. Very nice job, it's coming along nicely.
  18. Kari Lynn


    I love everything about this, the stove the teapot, the table, the walls the floor, everything! Very nice job
  19. This house is absolutely wonderful!!
  20. Kari Lynn

    100 0564

    I can't take credit for the building part, it was bought already put together. But I have done a lot of demolition and given it a new paint job. Lots more to do, the house was in pretty bad shape.
  21. Kari Lynn

    100 0564

    Thank you. Yup, there are two Celtic Harps back there. I play as well as anyone with absolutely no musical talent can
  22. Kari Lynn

    Duracraft SF Rehab project

    Very used dh I found on CL that my daughter so kindly got for me for Christmas.
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