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  1. I’m glad to hear this. Can’t wait to see pics of what you do with it.
  2. This is a very good suggestion, I think I will keep saying this to myself when I take this dh.
  3. Oh, wow, living that close to all that pine when you’re allergic sounds awful. As far as the live Christmas trees, I never had one growing up so of course as an adult I couldn’t wait to finally have one. The allergies weren’t that bad at first but got worse through the years but for the sake of my kids ,who loved the live trees and the walking around the tree farm looking for the right one we kept getting them. But, the kids are grown now and sadly no more live trees for us. As for the wood allergy, I do as you say you would,”Suffer through for the sake of the dollhouse.” Plus, a little help from allergy medicine. It’s worth it.
  4. I have been trying to declutter and minimize the extra stuff I have in my house. I have been planning on selling a few dh kits and downsize my dh collection. But, my daughter recently was given a free 1” scale Greenleaf Chantilly dh (which I adore and have in 1/2” scale already) and wants to know if I want it. It’s already put together and painted but I would definitely change the exterior color and the interior is a clean slate and it still needs shingles, it is quite dusty and smells like basement (all things we here are accustomed to and easily overcome). She has no room to keep it since I already gave the RGT Bostonian dh to her for my granddaughter that I couldn’t pass up years ago when I saw it on Craigslist in pretty good condition for only $100. I want to say no so badly but this voice in my head keeps screaming,”TAKE IT.” I guess most of you reading this know what I will be deciding. So much for downsizing. So, who out there would easily be able to say no to a free dh that they adore?
  5. I am allergic to raw woods, mostly pine. At first I thought I was just reactive to Christmas trees because when we would get a real tree for Christmas I would always get slight allergies and was told that the trees can harbor a certain amount of mold spores and that was what was probably affecting me. But, then we put an addition on our RL house and had the cathedral ceilings covered with pine boards. I got a terrible cough and sore throat that wouldn’t go away, the doctor tried to tell me it was probably from acid reflux and gave me a prescribed proton pump inhibitor that did nothing for me except cause me to be stuck on them twenty years later(sorry,that’s so off topic) The symptoms eventually went away about four months later. Okay, sorry for the extra details, but yes, I have allergies to raw woods too(get them whenever I go into Home Depot). And, yes, whenever I have to put a dh together I get them, I deal with it as long as possible then give in and take allergy meds. After the house is done and painted I am usually fine. Sorry to hear that you had to sell your Beacon Hill. ☹️
  6. He kind of looks like Tom Hardy. Looks great, whoever he is. 😀
  7. Oh my gosh, this kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it. It looks so warm and comfortable I would love to have this kitchen in RL. Well done!
  8. Hi Elizabeth. I’m in north western Connecticut. Was happy to see the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm and more to the east of us(still praying for the other half) but I hear ya on the tree situation. We have a huge 50+ year old oak tree right next to our house and every time that wind picks up I cringe. Sorry to hear you have to wait for that Queen Anne, hopefully you’ll have it home soon.😀
  9. Thank you for sharing ,Kelly. I really enjoyed these!
  10. You have done a wonderful job. I could basically go through the whole album and like every picture. I just received the Fairfield as a late Christmas gift, and after looking at everything you have done I feel so inspired to get started on mine. Thank you for posting all the pics.
  11. Hi Kathy, and welcome. I loved reading your post. You sound like a great mom doing these things with your daughter, and your daughter sounds amazing. It is nice to know that there are still young people that enjoy dollhouses. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Have lots of fun and enjoy!
  12. Hi Georgiana, I so agree with you! I did purchase the 1" scale Willowcrest a few years ago because I love the house so much but it still sits in the box because I still need to make room for it. But if there were a half scale version I would definitely have purchased that one and had it built by now and had no problem finding space for it.
  13. Hi everybody, Read through everyone's posts and glad to hear some of you are doing well, and for those who are having a hard time my thoughts and prayers are with you. Here in northwestern CT we're just trying to stay safe, I think our 'stay-at-home' orders end May 20. Not sure, just keep reading that is the date the governor has issued for the kids to go back to school. I'm very glad to have this forum back up and running, thank you Dean!! Coming here to the Greenleaf forum is a much needed escape from everything else going on out there and it is always nice to see and hear from familiar people (even though I don't post much I always lurk) Nice to see you all again!!
  14. Thank you, Miranda, for posting this article. I really enjoyed it and liked seeing how much I related to a lot of what was being written.
  15. I am so glad I came here and told of what I was going through. I thank each and every one of you for your kind thoughts and the advice...I am going to put a little of everyone's suggestions together and see what happens. Again thank you all so much!!
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