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  1. LouMorgan

    Louisa's miniatures

    Miniatures I have collected for my 1:24 dollshouse (under construction).
  2. Have not done anu minis for a couple of months sadly as there is just too much work on with our remaining house renovation and garden which is large by UK standards and requires constant work. We're off to Amsterdam for a week's holiday, they have a tulip festival over there on at the moment and I want to get some specimens for my moon garden (all white flowers). And then off to Sissinghurst gardens for some ideas - they have a white garden there I want to look at. So much to do so little time :-)
  3. Those floorboards are so pretty and shiny.
  4. I love to see children with their animal friends, very cute.
  5. LouMorgan


    Happy days :-)
  6. These are great, I love them. I guess I could do some 1:24 ones but would need smaller tubing.
  7. I would so LOVE a really big dollshouse but english homes are tiny compared to american homes and there is no way I would fit one in unless I started getting rid of furniture and my husband wasn't so keen on that idea :-D
  8. I'm doing a Fairfield too, I get all my stuff from here in the UK: http://www.homesinminiature.co.uk/ They have pretty much everything you could ever want. There is so much choice in 1:24 over in England now, when I started this 20 years ago there was almost nothing.
  9. LouMorgan

    Vampire tower

    Annoyingly I put in the wallpaper 20 years ago before this house was sent to languish in the attic but don't like it now and it is stuck on fast. Never mind, will think of some way to cover it all up.
  10. I love this, I did a starry ceiling in my ritual room but not as detailed as this!
  11. I want to live in a house like this.
  12. Love all of this, it looks like the interior of the mediaval village of Alfriston a mile down the road from my house :-)
  13. LouMorgan


    The animals in the background are hilarious and great!
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