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  1. Happy Holidays everyone, it's the Solstice for us but looking forward to Christmas as well. I've not been around much lately as I've had an operation on my arm so my plans to finish my dollshouse this year came to nothing, however on the plus side I have three months off work....paid and expect to be able to use my arm again in a months time so will be undertaking two months of "therapy" building my house I hope you all have a wonderful holidays and don't work too hard xxxxx
  2. LouMorgan

    Louisa's miniatures

    Miniatures I have collected for my 1:24 dollshouse (under construction).
  3. We are creating a moon garden for the front garden of the house, it will have all white flowers and shrubs, we are off to see the white garden at Sissinghurst castle created by Vita Sackville-West to get some ideas. The flowers are luminous in moonlight or at dusk and look quite magical. The back garden is more of a hot tropical, colourful and vibrant place, quite the opposite. It's nice to have the mix. http://www.invectis.co.uk/sissing/sswhite.htm
  4. Have not done anu minis for a couple of months sadly as there is just too much work on with our remaining house renovation and garden which is large by UK standards and requires constant work. We're off to Amsterdam for a week's holiday, they have a tulip festival over there on at the moment and I want to get some specimens for my moon garden (all white flowers). And then off to Sissinghurst gardens for some ideas - they have a white garden there I want to look at. So much to do so little time :-)
  5. Those floorboards are so pretty and shiny.
  6. I love to see children with their animal friends, very cute.
  7. LouMorgan


    Happy days :-)
  8. These are great, I love them. I guess I could do some 1:24 ones but would need smaller tubing.
  9. I would so LOVE a really big dollshouse but english homes are tiny compared to american homes and there is no way I would fit one in unless I started getting rid of furniture and my husband wasn't so keen on that idea :-D
  10. Witches always used to be known as 'Granny' or 'Mother' plus their names so she could be Granny Weatherwax. She kind of looks like how I imagine that character to be like. The lady looks like a Pamela, not sure about the man, lots of great names above though.
  11. I think the Greenleaf furniture kits are great, you could do wonders with them.
  12. Thanks, it took me a while to collect things that I wanted and find people who sell them and of course the expense of some of the items means I have to save up for a few months but a lot of the furniture I have are cheap kits or things I have made. It may take a few more years to finish but that's half the fun of it. I couldn't dream of creating a house as wonderful as some of the Fairfielders on here but that doesn't matter, I am enjoying the journey so much :-) Go for it.
  13. That's a great idea Holly thank you, I'll give that a go :-)
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