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  1. Another big change I've noticed since the 80's is the level of quality and. With all the DIY advice and tutorials on the internet I think we're all reaching new heights of realism.
  2. Now I must apologize. I have a bad habit of skimming and not really ready sentences. I think it comes from too little time and too many emails. I do agree with you on using the terms miniaturist or miniatures. But, I also think that people who make rude comments about miniaturists or collectors of any types are just rude people and probably make rude comments to everyone.
  3. I certainly did not mean to be rude. I just thought, as you do, that miniature or model is a little more refined and may lead to more positive feelings by others.
  4. I just completed reading this thread and something really stood out for me. It was the word "dollhouse". I love working on my miniature house, but have never considered it a dollhouse. I really think of it as a miniature piece of combined construction and art. I'm wondering if when talking to others and describing this hobby if the word dollhouse, is not the best decription. I don't think when model railroaders talk of their miniature hobby, they refer to it as a "doll's railroad". Just my thoughts.
  5. I agree on keeping it unified so I think I'll add the outside wall, for privacy sake, as who would want to use a bathroom with a wall missing and add a window. Between the interior door and an outside window, it will give a visitor enough of a peek at the room.
  6. I'm working on a little cabin and want to add an attached bathroom to one side of it. There will be an interior door to get into the bathroom, but do I leave one of the walls off the bathroom to see in? If I totally enclose it, there would not be a way to see in.
  7. 12:59 am here, just finishing for the night and thought I'd take a quick look through the forum before heading to bed. A little late for me, but it is the weekend.
  8. For the hinges go to http://www.slecuk.com/ then Online Shop - Accessories - Hinges They are really a good idea and not expensive. Now to find them in North America.
  9. I was almost thinking of paper tabs glued on the inside so the door closes very flush.
  10. I took a look at this and it is very nice. Only problem was that I wanted the doors to open. Thanks to everyone, I've lots of ideas now for the shelving and bottom drawers. Next problem is how to hinge the doors.
  11. Thank you all so much. I'm home from work with a nasty cold today and thought I'd take advantage of the time to build this fridge. Now I know my head is really stuffed, when I could have walked a few feet and opened the fridge to take a look. Good thing I'm not using power tools today.
  12. I'm working on making a modern refrigerator and need some help coming up with ideas to use for shelving inside. Your help with ideas would really be appreciated. Thanks
  13. I've taken the plunge and ordered the kit. As I write this, it is basking in the sun at the USPS sorting facility in Florida. Mail being what it is between the US and Canada, I'm sure it will be a couple more weeks before I see it. I'd like to do some pre-planning and the online description states it is 11 7/8" wide and 12 1/8" deep. I'm not sure which side they are calling wide and which side they are calling deep. Can someone help me out with these measurements please?
  14. Oh my, you haven't seen wood hoarding until you've come to my house. Miniature and real size as well.
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