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  1. SuzyQ

    Azalea Festival

    look at you go girl!!!! So glad you are doing well!!
  2. SuzyQ


    Thanks Kathy! Hope all is well with you!
  3. SuzyQ


    i just check out your Garfield. It's beautiful!
  4. SuzyQ


    Hey everyone it's SuzyQ! It's been so long since I have been on here. Just wanted to say hello. Our Poor Garfield still isn't finished. RayAnne got married and has moved to Florida to go to college and I put Mr Garfield under a sheet in the Garage Being on here again makes me want to get him back out. Maybe this winter. Hope all is well with everyone! Enjoy your day!!!Our
  5. SuzyQ

    Mms picture 1

    i have a haunted house that i won in a greenleaf contest a few years back. it is still in the box but it's going to be a no haunted house someday lol.
  6. SuzyQ


    hard to believe that my little darling working on this house is now a mommy herself and the Garfield still isnt finished <_<
  7. SuzyQ


    Yeah ha ha I didn't know who Heidi was at first because she didn't have her usual picture of Audry Hepburn up yet ha ha ha.
  8. SuzyQ


    Congratulations my friend!! I am just so happy for you!!!
  9. Just a word of encouragement. My Aunt had lung cancer in such a stage that she wasn't even going to have treatments. Her family encouraged her to give it a try. She has been cancer free for about 8 years or so now.
  10. thanks!! Yes it is much cooler and very easy to care for. I already need it cut again.
  11. SuzyQ


    Thanks Wendy!!! I am a picture nut ha ha. If I ever come to your house you better make sure to have your albums out!!! RayAnne is doing better about her car. Her daddy wasn't too happy but he is ok now realizing that it could have been much worse. We take it tomorrow to have it looked at. She will have to put in some extra hours to pay for it.
  12. SuzyQ


    I am soooooo hooked on Facebook. At first I didn't like it and liked My Space better. But now I hardly use My Space. I have met so many old friends relatives and classmates on there. It has been so much fun.
  13. Yes Yes love to play that!! We used to doing it all the time in grade school But then they made us quit saying it was too dangerous!! Bummer
  14. Oh YAY YAY I have been so out of the loop I didn't realize you all were dealing with cancer also. So glad that he is doing better!!
  15. I have been "dejunking" for about 2 months now!! I have already had 2 yard sales and am getting ready to have another. I still have 2 "scary" rooms that I am frightened to even open the doors to. ha ha. But I need to get in there. My Garfield is behind one of those doors. My house really got out of hand during this past year of cancer treatments. Since then I have felt the need to get things orderly "just in case".
  16. Thanks!! I am really enjoying it. It had been blown dry in this picture but usually all I have to do is wash, add some gel, let it air dry, tease a bit and spray. It's really easy.
  17. Thank You All So Much!! It was a good day for sure!! I am anxious to get on with my life now. I did one last thing to shed the old and start new. I cut off my long blonde hair!! I didn't lose all of it during chemo so I decided to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. http://www.beautifullengths.com/en_US/requirements.jsp I sent in 10 inches here are some pictures. I feel like a new woman now!!!
  18. SuzyQ

    HI EveryOne!!

    Thanks Everyone!!! Hopefully soon I can be on here more often!!
  19. SuzyQ


    4 cats, LIL(we had a Phil but he died) Kiwi, Gizmo & Kali 1 Chihuahua, named Jasper (yes she named him from the book Twilight lol) Took 3 of the cats to the High School today for $10 rabies shots. I couldn't find Kiwi to get hers.
  20. SuzyQ

    HI EveryOne!!

    Thanks Yall, Everyone is doing well here, RayAnne is just finishing up her sophomore year of HS. She is in all honors classes and getting straight A's. She just finished her track season and made the dance team for next year. She is driving now and has a new car. So far no dents. lol She is still dating Josh. They have their on year anniversary tomorrow. Hubby Ray is still building houses. We are very thankful he has work in this economy.
  21. SuzyQ

    HI EveryOne!!

    Hey there!! Just wanted to say hello to everyone!! I am done with all my treatments and surgeries. I am now cancer free!! Had a colonoscopy a few weeks back all is good and I don't have to have another one for 2 years. I have a CT scan coming up in June. Just to keep an eye on things. I am getting better each week. They dr says it can take about a year to get back to normal. I have been spring cleaning taking one room per day. I am getting close to the room that our GARFIELD is in. Maybe soon we will get back to working on that thing. I also have a haunted house still in the box that I won like 2 years ago. It has been so long that I have logged in that my background still has snowflakes on it. Oh the Shame!! Hope everyone is doing well Love Suzanne
  22. SuzyQ

    It's Me SuzyQ

    Thanks Kathy, It has been really rough getting my"plumbing" back to normal. I don't know if it will ever be with all the surgery they did. Seems to be a bit better though. I guess time will tell I never thought in a million years I would say this but... I think I miss that bag. ha ha ha
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