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  1. SuzyQ

    Azalea Festival

    look at you go girl!!!! So glad you are doing well!!
  2. SuzyQ

    Mms picture 1

    i have a haunted house that i won in a greenleaf contest a few years back. it is still in the box but it's going to be a no haunted house someday lol.
  3. SuzyQ


    hard to believe that my little darling working on this house is now a mommy herself and the Garfield still isnt finished <_<
  4. SuzyQ


    Congratulations my friend!! I am just so happy for you!!!
  5. SuzyQ


    Nutti!!!!! You look like a teenager!!!! YAY great going!!!
  6. Nothing much getting really stir crazy hanging around the house!!!
  7. SuzyQ


    Aw Nutty I am so happy that you are doing well with your WLS I am so proud and happy for you!!!!
  8. Nice to hear from you all!! Thanks for all the encouragement. RayAnnes performance was great. They all do such a wonderful job!!! I am planning on enjoying my next 2 days before I have to go back to chemo. RayAnne has an away varsity soccer game on Tuesday. I am glad that I will be well enough to go. She is a very busy girl ha ha.
  9. Just popped in to say hello and give an update on whats been going on. Well I went for my Chemo treatment on Wednesday. They always do bloodwork first and then I see the dr. When he came in he goes "No Treatment Today" my platelettes were to low. they were at 52,000 and normal is 150 to390 thousand. Two weeks ago it was at 147 so it really had dropped. This is not an unusual occurance during chemo so I am thrilled to have one more week of "feeling good" I just had so much to do this weekend that I was gonna have to miss. Now I don't have too!!! YAY YAY. i just have to be careful cause I c
  10. Thank You All!! I am sitting here eating my birthday cake Its my favorite Hummingbird Cake Yummy(no hummingbirds were harmed in the making lol) I didn't do anything very exciting unless you count gettting a really big shot in my butt exciting!!! LOL It's to ward off some of the side effects that I had the last time from the chemo. The needle no lie looks like an embroidery needle its so thick. You can actually see the hole in it. But the nurses do a great job of injecting it. Anyhow thanks again!!!!
  11. Hey I live in Gatlinburg so you will be in my neck of the woods!!!!
  12. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU TWO!!!!!!! Hope that you have a wonderful day!!
  13. Thanks Holly!! It is a big pain to deal with but I am dealing!!! I will have it reversed sometime around the end of November beginning of Dec. YAY!!!
  14. Well I know what the possible side effects are I was just wanting to hear about personal experience from people.
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