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  1. I checked on our map today. LOTS of mini-ers have put thier names on the map, but I bet we have lots more new mambers lately that haven't seen this. Newbies... add your name and find out who's close to you! :thumb:
  2. JaimieMarvon

    Garfield update 8-25-06

    update 8-25-06
  3. Garfield Master bedroom
  4. I had collected a bunch of printies from everywhere. Diaper boxes, tissue boxes, kitchen stuff, cat & dog food bags & boxes, office supplies, books, etc. I put them all together in a program to print so I wasted a little paper as possible. I have about 20 sheets in all (for now). I cut them out in bed at night, a few here and there. My husband is forever yelling at me for all the tiny scraps of paper in the bed!
  5. Peggi- Handly house has an actual set of casters for $1.99 pretty cheap! I just happened to be on that site looking at stuff before seeing your post.
  6. Irene- You and I will be getting together to do some of these great projects!! Summertime will be hectic, but when the cold weather comes back ... as it always does, we can set "play-dates" and make lots of goodies from all these great links!
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