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  1. Bea! I love it! I feel in love with it too! One of these days. : )
  2. leaken1966

    RGT Bungalow

    That is really pretty! I love it!
  3. leaken1966

    Exterior 3/4

    I love your Buttercup! The colors, the landscaping, I love all of it! Very pretty!
  4. leaken1966

    Three Little Monkeys

    A monkey story.
  5. leaken1966

    Theatre Woodwork.

    So professional looking! Very pretty!
  6. leaken1966


    It is looking so pretty! I love all the white too!
  7. leaken1966


    I just want to curl up and read a book and sleep! Warm and inviting!
  8. Very pretty! And perfect for your house! The heart wants what it wants! And it paid off with this really pretty wallpaper!
  9. I think the door would love really pretty red! I'm with Jeanne on that! Lovely house! Very pretty colors!
  10. Wow! That is coming along really nice! I can't wait to see what you have in store for the inside. Love the color!
  11. leaken1966

    Picture 022.jpg

    I love this picture!
  12. I love the colors too! Drawing room would be great!
  13. I like it too! It looks good in the room and matches the carpet and walls.
  14. leaken1966

    Window Trim

    I like the way they look now! I think your right.
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