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  1. That tower room just needs a spinning wheel and a bit of straw...
  2. All of these make me think of the Redwall books!
  3. No worries - my mom took it!
  4. Ty thought it was a photo of life-sized things - "Oh, your mom made some new sawhorses." Ha.
  5. Your photography kills me. Kills me.
  6. I see you've been bumped to the basement? Also, this is a rather foreboding shot.
  7. The trim work is incredible. I love that it isn't all symmetrical.
  8. Lion.Mother

    Jhumka Set 1

    This is awesome.
  9. Lion.Mother

    The Canterbury House

    My refurbish/bash of a The Canterbury House for my step-daughter's birthday. Primary use of the house (for now) will be playing with Littlest Pet Shop toys. Goals: 1. Lower that second floor, to make the overall house more pleasing to the eye, and make the second floor usable. 2. Electrify! 3. Turn porch roof into balcony (maybe). 4. Switch some windows around so that counters in the kitchen (lower right hand room) don't look silly. 5. Refinish outside (stucco) and inside (paint and flooring). 6. Finish and furnish in time for a May 1st birthday!
  10. Lion.Mother

    My Grandparents' Houses

    All of the dollhouses/room boxes that I find in my grandparents' house; finding more every time I go there...
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