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Ladies and gentlemen,
I am a Greek man from Athens-capital of Greece. I am an art historian and a published author. I play as an amateur the harpsichord(I owned a small spinet), read a lot, write, attend concerts, love cinema,theater and traveling around the globe. In addition I simply adore miniatures.


I bought few years ago a Georgian like town-manor dollhouse. I simply adore this kit! I do not know though the firm. Although the main structure was ready-made I had to paint and decorate the facade to look more realistic and re-arrange the interior plan. At Athens where I live, unfortunately we have in my area only few local stores for this hobby. There is no variety as you can imagine. I was collecting my furniture and accessories for meany years. I made also some of the decorative items. In addition I had to order some of them from England. The wallpapers-based on authentic regency designs- I found and printed them from the internet.  I  wanted to give the atmosphere of a continuation and habitation (common in the English households at the beginning of the 20th c.-close to the end of World War I), so you will see that I have combined some 18th c. Georgian and Regency pieces with Victorian and Edwardian. I put my setting c. 1918-20.The house it is a typical London upper class home and  belongs to the old fashioned and pious Lady Violette, an Edwardian noble spinster. You can also find in it the parlor maid Mary and Miss Phoibe, friends of hers and regular visitors. This is my first attempt so you must overlook some imperfections.


After my dollhouse's completion I've realized that it was quite stuffy & full of furniture and items so I decided to  spread the wealth and create with some of them some period roomboxes! I) Chawton Roombox. As a true & loyal fan of Miss Austen I had o make a roombox inspired by her last and beloved home (now museum) at Chawton cottage in England. II) Georgian Cabinet. I simply adore Georgian interiors.  My footman Archibald  and a Georgia Lady look perfect in it!III) Biedermeier middle class parlor, IV) 2 small American Colonial rooms, V) Study for Rev. Theodore, VI) A Regency Corner & VII) Small Gustavian Roombox.

Please be so kind to comment and advice me. :artist: 

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