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  1. Back at work fulltime now, already working on four projects and traveling... Missing the mini time I took for granted when I was on bed rest!
  2. JackieS


    Lovely cottage!!
  3. JackieS

    Needle-felted Critters

    I wanted to include my Mom's cats in the doolhouse I'm creating for her, so I took up needle-felting in March 2014 and immediately loved it!!
  4. My husband just called to let me know that snow is now mixing with the rain outside... It's the end of March, and we live in Virginia Beach, for pete's sake!! We've had more snow this winter than in the last 20 years (since we've lived here) put together! That's probably the real reason I'm working on a beach cottage...
  5. woo-hoo! Just got the fireplace installed on the Madison!
  6. Sandy, it was not at all hard on my fingers - less stressful to the hands (and brain, for me anyway) than cross stitch. And this may be more info than you wanted to know, but I've just been diagnosed with mild arthritis in my right hand and have a cyst on the joint of my right thumb (looking forward to my appt with a hand specialist at the end of May).
  7. Wow! Thanks for the encouraging words! I'm a fairly crafty person and found basic needle felting was not hard to learn. I also have an increased appreciation for the artisan masters of this craft! Sandy, it is called needle felting, and I got the kit I used on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Dimensions-Needlecrafts-Needle-Character-Penguin/dp/B007QNVG3Y. The penguin was one of the least expensive beginner kits (plus, my husband is partial to them!). My daughter mentioned that Michael's carries the kits too, and there are several other animals, including an adorable sheep. BTW, I d
  8. Thanks! I'm usually pretty good with creating in 3D .. just not the best with it comes to drawing a straight line. lol.
  9. This week I tried needle felting... I wanted to include my mom's cats in the beach cottage I'm making for her, but unfortunately, the beautiful artisan needle felted animals were not in my budget. Time to learn something new! I bought an inexpensive kit (the penguin) and graduating to making my own tuxedo cat (slightly smaller) before trying to create my mom's Siamese in 1:12 scale. They'll look much better once they have eyes! I've ordered 2mm blue ones that are made for fishing lures. Pretty happy with my efforts. P.S. For anyone who's feeling frustrated, let me recommend needle felting.
  10. I'm amazed to see so many like-minded thrifty types! We buy a lot of things second hand; if not then it's on sale. Craig's List is great for so many things. We do pay for Netflix, but at $7/month for streaming, I consider it a terrific bargain. We've never had cable and don't rent movies anymore! (Plus, lots of great BBC shows are on Netflix.) :tv_happy: When it comes to miniatures, I have not been able to bring myself to buy dollhouse wallpaper -- I've been happy with printing my own and can't see spending money on it. Maybe if I were building a very formal house and wanted something
  11. LOVE that ship!! Must have one! Headed to find your post about it!
  12. JackieS

    Sparkle Bling

    Nice photography, Selkie!
  13. I finally went back to work on the Madison's windows. It's been a week since I worked on them, but I was getting so frustrated that I knew I had to stop... or I would decide it was "good enough" before it really was! Made good progress; now waiting for everything to dry so I can sand and do the final coat!
  14. You must have been at the KOA by Oceana! Around here. some folks actually have bumper stickers that say "I :throb: Jet Noise." lol. The first day I lived hear I was unpacking boxes on the second floor of our rental house, and I actually hit the floor when I heard a jet fly over! I thought it was going to take the roof off. We did buy a house in a low noise zone -- but after a month in the rental, I didn't really notice the jets anymore. Amazing what we can filter out. Thanks for telling me about Traci - I'll be on the lookout for her!
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