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  1. Hey friends, just popping in to let you know we have not disappeared. My washing machine flooded the basement, so i have been busy tearing up carpet and wet drywall. So, the mini is on hold for a bit! Insurance is not paying enough to hire someone to do the work, so I am handling it all myself......on the bright side is, we needed new carpet down there anyway so this is a good excuse.
  2. This turned out beautiful Debra....where did you find such tiny candles?
  3. I will give a go on a piece of scrap
  4. Wow....thanks for all the great suggestions....I will play around with it and post my results......eventually!!!
  5. How do you make wallpaper from an image in your computer? What weight of paper do you print it on, what do you seal it with, etc.... I want to turn this image into wallpaper, but i really do not know how to go about it.....thanks for the help ;)
  6. Does anyone know where I might find a Greenleaf coupon code? I want to order some siding and a few other things, and I noticed there is a place at checkout for a promo code. I couldn't find anything on retailmenot, so I thought I might as well ask??
  7. Oh yea....one other change....were gonna do clapboard instead of board and batten siding (more expensive yikes). I feel like with all the windows it would be way too many vertical lines and not enough horizontal.
  8. Oh wow, that is the coolest thing ever
  9. Hi everyone....hope you have all has a great week!! Our week was pretty busy, including 2 trips up to The Autism Center in Seattle...so it will be nice to just chill this weekend. Progress on our mini has been slow, but here are a few pictures. Got that wall patch filled and sanded, window holes cut and windows dry fitted... Unfortunately, the windows I bought on eBay are not too great. None of them are square, the trim is tapered and looks silly and several of the windows are broken....I got what I paid for that's for sure! I'm not going to use them.....Jessie wouldn't notice but I want it to be perfect for her. I may just make windows....I'm not sure yet! That's all for now
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