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  1. Our blizzard has arrived. About 8-9nches have fallen so far. It's hard to tell with all the drifting. The wind is nasty and the wind chill is minus 2 and we have visiblity of about a quarter mile. My plans for the day are to sew more doll clothes for a friends grand daughter's Christmas present, bake Christmas cookies, put up our Christmas tree and work on the Willow. Oh and I have a a pair of socks to finish knitting. No travel in Minnesota today or tonight. As long as we are going to have snow we might as well have an old fashioned blizzard.
  2. We are waiting for a blizzard with about 12 inches of snow and -15 temps and wind chill of -30 degrees over the weekend. I am makng my grocry list so we will be be prepared to be snowed in. My weekend plans are: i have baskets of yarn and 4 unfinished knitting projects so those will be completed. The Willow has been staring me in the face all fall and is pleading to be completed. Lots of Christmas baking to do and the most important thing is a friend has commissioned me to make doll clothes for her granddaughte'rs Christmas present. So far I have made a coat and hat, bathrobe and pajamas
  3. We have two of the Currier & Ivies houses, but I do not know where we purchased them. I love Farm House in the winter. I keep them out year round on a cabinet in the back porch. We live in a 130 year old farm house so they make perfect accessories. I have a collection of ceramic chickens and they are on several shelves and John made doors for these shelves out of old wood and chicken wire and it looks so cute. When we purchases the farm in 1978 the kitchen light was a bare light bulb hanging over the table. We found a light fixture that has 4 glass panels with Currier and Ives scene
  4. A very blustery October day here. Dark, cloudy, gloomy with wind at 28mph, gusting to 38 mph. The noises is annoying. Rain has fallen most of the day and forcast is for rain/snow mix. It is the perfect day for my bread baking lesson. For years I have wanted to learn how to make the perfect loafof bread (not with bread machine but the old fashioned way). Set that as my winter goal so today I got the bread cookbook out and have the first attempt rising now. With homemade chicken noodle soup it should make a perfect dreary evening supper.
  5. Steve. I'm sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis. My Mother, who is 89 was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer when she was 80 years old has me tell anyone I hear of with the same diagnosis this message. "If this old broad can beat it , you can too! You can and will suvive the chemo and beat it!" Please tell your wife how we will keep her in our prayers for healing. Rita
  6. I'm knitting a baby afghan for my neice's baby who was born 2 weeks ago. He is so cute. I knit , knit and knit and it never seems any longer. Only 10 inches to go. I want to have it done before he starts school LOL. Another week or two and he will have a very special little "blankie" to hug when his older sisters won't let him in their rooms. Other than knitting and tending to the garden I have had no time for mini-ing. The canner seems to go full steam ahead each day as the beans, corn and tomatoes ripen. I can now get down on my hands and knees once again, if only for a short time, so
  7. Wolfie, It is so good to hear from you. You have been on my mind frequently and each day, when I check the GL site, I hope there will be an update from you. My prayers are for both you and Doug. Write when you can and in between know that we love you and miss you. Giving you a big hug.
  8. Sherry, Wall papering a rl wall is not different than doing mini..you only use bigger sheets of wall paper and larger tools. Good luck.
  9. Muriel, You are so beautiful and Chris is a handsome groom. Your pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful future. Rita
  10. Roxie How is Stan with old movies? Even tho his sight is bothering him now he could listen and the larger figures on the tv screen might be easier to see. Fix him a movie basket. Some old movies, microwave popcorn, some candy, peanuts etc
  11. Very cold here. Yesterday's high was 43 ! Yep that is 43 in May. today the sun popped out for a second or two and our high is 50, but the wind is straight out of the north. I have the furnace running. My knee went out of whack again and I get the pleasure of seeing the orthopedic dr again. He had better do something this time! last time he said to just call my Dr and geta cortisone shot if it happened again. this is his second chance to to treat me. I fhe doesn't do better I'm off to see another orthopedic dr.
  12. WOLFIE!!!! (Shouted out with glee and happiness). Runs over!! Squeezing you and giving you a big hug ( No mini ones). So glad to hear from you. Still keeping you and Doug in my prayers. Take care. Rita
  13. The plate that is on the inside of the door should pop off with a screw driver. Then you can see the iside of the mechanism and locate what jammed up. You could tinker with it and attempt to open the door. Heidi, with your talent I don't think you need a lock smith to come put a new one in. You changed thermostats so I know you can do this too.
  14. Getting our taxes done so I can head outdoors. Spring is finally coming here. We spent last Saturday raking up around the front entrance, trimming bushes and sprucing up the yard. This week I am starting up the greenhouse. Can't wait to spend my days outdoors instead of cooped up in the hosue.
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