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  1. Gina my sympathy to you on the loss of your beloved Doug. You had so many wonderful years together. How often I have thought of you and wondered how you were doing. Your crying is your body, mind and soul healing. Please take care of yourself and let time heal your wounds. your Greenleaf family is here whenever you need us. It is also so hard to loose a much beloved pet. I think the adivce to adopt another furry friend who needs love and care is good advice. You will comfort each other. I only wish I lived closer so I could come visit . Rita in MN
  2. When painting trim or shutters I sand them very smooth and then use pieces of doubleed tape to glue them to cardboard. Then I prime, do a light sanding if necessary and then paint. By gluing the pieces to cardboard I don't have to worry about lossing any and I can paint work on the sides to. No problems with holding the piece with a tweezers, then leaving a bare spot to touch up. I then i d each piece by wriitng on the cardboard next ot each piece. Rita
  3. Buy it. There is no rule that says gifts have to be brand new in the box! I have shopped thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets all my life and have found many nice itesm, some just needed cleaning , others more intensive work. You are teaching your daughter thrifty living. she'll thank you for it when she is older.
  4. I would write a polite note to the store manager, documenting day, time and all the facts related to your check out. Point out how many people were standing in line behind you and how this poor service could effect the reputation of the store. Point out how mini items can be bought from numerous on line shops.Ask for a coupon compensating you for your poor service. You might get rewarded. If you don't ask you don't get. As for your 2 year old daughter..once when my son was about that age he had a upper repsitory infection. The pediatrician phoned the prescription to the pharmacy, asking
  5. AuntDee


    Hmmm. Newsletter? i can't remember when I got the last one. Don't think I have gotten one since the web update.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean..it's only sold in valances. Do you mean only premade valances and not in curtains?? You can get the fabric by yard? What is the width of the fabric? Does the 84 inches include a header and hem? Those are important details before yardage can be figured. Rita
  7. Gina, So many times I have wondered how things are with you, Doug and life on the mountain. I'm glad things have settled down so you can pop in now and then and visit. I so l love your stories about your life on the monatain. Prayers for Doug and for you too.
  8. Prayers for your husband's recovery and for your family also. This is an emotional and stressful time for you all. Take care of yourself too, so you can take care of your husband.
  9. What wonderful news!! We have missed you terribly and have prayed for your recovery. Keep on getting well. The loss of your pets is a hard adjustment, but it sounds like they have found fantastic new homes. Big hugs to you. Rita
  10. Oh Pip is such a little sweetheart. Sorry to hear you had a rather long labor. I'm so happy for all of you. Rita
  11. OOOOH I'm so excited. Can't wait to hear when Pip arrives. So happy for you Muriel. You and Chris will be great parents.
  12. I loved her in Giant, Raintree County and Cleopatra. Not tomention National Velvet. Another truely talented person has gone.
  13. A google account is very easy and safe to use. You do have to register with your email address and then come up with a password. I use google .doc as my word processor and it is great. You'll have fun reading her blog and responding to her writings. I try to keep up with all this new modern stuff as it keeps my young..mentally at least. I'm teaching my husband to use email, which I understand is really outdated! kind of like the antique phone I have hanging by the back door... ring ring, central get me..
  14. Good Morning to all of my friends, I had a nice note from Dean on my 5th year anniversary. I have enjoyed all your friendships on Greenleaf over the years, which have gone so fast. I don't know if I will ever get the number of posts some of you have but I check in everyday. I've started working on the Willow again and have made it a resolution to get it finished this winter I start my day with a Grennleaf fix everyday. Hope all of you are surviving this long and cold winter. Rita
  15. [quote name='grazhina' date='Jan 24 2011, 04:15 PM' post='466265' Did you know that Maine has 4 seasons? Summer, Fall, Winter and Mud!
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