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  1. thanks. they are lovely
  2. what dolls are the sprites? i love them
  3. I love that. I had to google for the quote but she is right. I am like that with my vintage books and antique finds but I am starting to use them more. iI think for my childhood dollhouse restoration project it will be showpiece only but i would make one for play for children.
  4. I can definetely see potential but for some reason i am not sure. I have always wanted one so it will be accomplishing a childhood dream. Oh yeah the curtain will be rigged to go up and down or open sideways :) I want to build a small stage set of the sitting room in Little Women so I would make scenery for things I can't get. i have until friday to decide.
  5. havanaholly I know when I saw it my heart sank at the condition it had gotten in. i am not a skilled preservationist but something in me seems to somehow save something of it. the only problem is if my family friend can help me make one from scratch. I feel fixing this one, IF I can would be somewhat more satisfying.
  6. i did think that as well. i wasn't planning on using them but i do think they look interesting. so hard to decide. there is just something about it that keeps making me think about it. i decide not to and then i keep coming back to take a look again.
  7. Hi everyone. My plans to work on my doll house keep being put off unfortunately but in the spring I have a family friend who has offered his workshop space at his house and his power tools and his help. so that is great. I was perusing Ebay as you do and came across this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1920s-30s-era-Childs-Triang-Theatre-with-3-play-books-Curtain-back-drops/312895107439 It is in a bad condition but i think it would be good for a restoration project. I have been planning to build a theatre and make sets with dollhouse furniture. I love the fact that it folds down. I found the measurements online = 30.48 cm high and 39.37 cm wide for the curtain bit and base is 37cm x 43cm at base. Is that too big for 1:12th size? I really like it but worry that it is too far done to be fixed. What do you guys think? Should i get it or wait and build my own from scratch? Thanks
  8. i do like that website but i prefer my dollhouses to be front opening rather than the back being open. not sure how easy that would be to change them. but thanks for the idea
  9. thanks i will try. i know i am overthinking it. just with research for the novel i wanted to have a clear idea about how the shop looks and an interesting history. but i will relax and let it come as naturally as it can
  10. lol i wish it wasn't mine. I thought it would be easy until ideas came at me!
  11. Yeah i am actually planning this in much more detail than i would normally do! much smaller scale and once i start i can't easy change things so it needs to be clear. The story and my imagination will for sure help me make a decision. If it not's screaming "Buy me! i will probably be at the stage of "I need this!" "I have to have it!"
  12. Hi everyone. Planning a project to begin early December as I will be participating in National Writing Month in November but am planning on going to a miniatures fair at the end. I am planning on picking up things for the project while I am there. I am planning a story about the bookstore and it is set in a quaint English village. The idea i am working with right now is that it either started off a part of a french chateau that had burned down and the lord of the area had found it and brought bricks and doorways back. I just don't know if it would look wrong in an english village. My other thought was that it had been an English Folly that had been relocated from the grounds of a manor house to the village and turned into a store. I had thought that the owner could live on the upper floors. But now i am in love with a cottage that they could live in. The owner will be a writer. And then as Audrey Hepburn is my idol and I love Funny Face i thought i could sorta make the bookstore look like the one in the movie. With a reading room on a mezzanine or second floor. http://blog.paperblanks.com/2013/04/movie-bookshops-funny-face/ But I can't seem to decide. Originally I was going to choose this one https://www.petitepropertiesltd.com/la-belle-boutique-1/48th.html as my bookstore. This would be the old chateau and my first instinct was "I love it!" But the more I look at it the more i question. It would be hard to make it look Audrey. I could remove the shutters and balconies to look more English. The other one would be this one https://www.petitepropertiesltd.com/no-2-station-road-double-fronted-shop-1/48th.html This would be the old Victorian Folly. I can see so many possibilities and it could be turned to look like the store in Funny Face. But i did not have the same reaction as the first one. This is the cottage that I will be doing probably as the writer's house if i end up doing the second floor as a reading nook. https://www.petitepropertiesltd.com/august-cottage.html Or I may make it a tearoom. Any help would be appreciated Struggling so much to decide as I like them both but only room for one.
  13. hi everyone *waves* it's been a few years since i was last here. i was in the process of renovating my childhood doll house. But then things changed. life got busy with work and then i moved to Canada for several years. So miniatures took a back seat but i never forgot about it. i am now back living with my parents yet again after moving back home from abroad. i am currently unemployed but doing the job search thing. So i may begin working again on my 1:12th georgian manor or i may do something new. i don't have a lot of space so 1:48th is looking appealing. A few have caught my eye. i have ideas for at least two projects. So we will give it some thought.
  14. I'm not the youngest on here but I'm 28. At my miniatures group I'm the youngest by far and they like having me there, discovering the hobby. Enjoyed the articles :)
  15. I finally made it to my nearby miniatures group. Had a lot of fun and semi-made a deck chair. Have a lot to learn! But definitely worth it.
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