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  1. I love this by the way. Nest bed is the way I see fairies sleeping.
  2. sorry took me a while as really struggling to upload some pics and one document has gone walkies when I got a new computer. But I found this description somewhere online about fairies and tinkerbell as: Not all fairy houses are so elaborate. Many are constructed from leaves and twigs, stones and feathers. And some are made with help from humans. And in the videos about Pixie Hollow, where Disney tells us Tink lived prior to meeting Peter Pan, the fairies do live in similar structures, decorated with items scavenged from humans, like spoons and shoes. By the time Tinker Bell meets Peter, she aspires to a more upscale lifestyle: [T]here was one recess in the wall, no larger than a bird-cage, which was the private apartment of Tinker Bell. It could be shut off from the rest of the house by a tiny curtain, which Tink, who was most fastidious [particular], always kept drawn when dressing or undressing. No woman, however large, could have had a more exquisite boudoir genuine Queen Mab, with club legs; and she varied the bedspreads according to what fruit- blossom was in season. Her mirror was a Puss-in-Boots, of which there are now only three, unchipped, known to fairy dealers; the washstand was Pie-crust and reversible, the chest of drawers an authentic Charming the Sixth, and the carpet and rugs the best (the early) period of Margery and Robin. There was a chandelier from Tiddlywinks for the look of the thing, but of course she lit the residence herself. Tink was very contemptuous of the rest of the house, as indeed was perhaps inevitable, and her chamber, though beautiful, looked rather conceited, having the appearance of a nose permanently turned up.
  3. I've been away helping a friend the last few days so sorry for not replying. I can send you stuff tomorrow if that is okay? When I planned to do it I found it hard to find images.
  4. Such a cute idea I have been planning to this exact project for a few years but the time and space required always seems to not align. That clock is perfect for making a clock house. I have some photos I can share with you that might be able to help as finding photos and inspiration I discovered was not easy.
  5. Thank you I will take a look at the link you provided
  6. I would say i prefer to have it bit a bit more whimsy and quirky than realistic. I have always admired the really realistic miniatures and dollhouses but I just know that looking at a dollhouse of mine everyday having it being more fun is much more enjoyable. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I do want things to sorta look natural together so same theme/timeperiod/contrasting colours but otherwise realism is not always my main concern.
  7. So glad you are feeling better and are ok. It must have been so scary. I have mild asthma so I am higher risk so I have been careful and barely going out. I can't wear a mask as it sets off my asthma so I am medically exempt but so far nobody has been abusive about it. That is my big fear. The regular winter flu can knock me flat for almost 4 weeks. Luckily I am living at my parents so my dad does the grocery shops. I did laugh when you said the above. Yep such a good opportunity who knows you may still have that option. He must be feeling terrible about it but so glad you are ok.
  8. Lovely post and I had heard of Phicen but not really seen them so nice to have photos and see them in dioramas. I found this the other day while on a website that shows Instagram posts. https://www.picuki.com/profile/metis.mihui They are 12 cm resin ball jointed dolls. I literally fell in love when I saw the second photo. I plan to use her in my dollhouse as she is perfect for my project. Just thought I would post as ball jointed dolls (and there are so many different companies) are so moveable and customisable. I never thought I would want a doll in a doll house but this one has changed my mind.
  9. Wow that is an amazing dollhouse. I actually seem to have a preference for white or cream dollhouses. I think I will use this dollhouse as the house to practise and make mistakes on so that I am not such a newbie when doing it on my childhood/heirloom quality dollhouse.
  10. Thanks it is tall- only one room on each floor and a hallway space. So not too much room but enough to be able to do things with. A friend also said that and it really does look like that. I would be going down that route if I didn't already have a georgian townhouse dollhouse as a work in progress. I will definitely be doing a roof garden as so far I have not had the chance to do a garden. So many different options which is great but too much choice can also be overwhelming. The door I think also looks french so could be a paris townhouse. Right now I think the idea I will research is art deco inspired.
  11. I hope the Chicago Show 2021 goes ahead as I am tentively planning on flying from the UK to attend finally. But obviously with how everything is who knows?
  12. Hi everyone . been lurking for months as dollhouse work slowed down but just about to complete a 1:46th scale cottage that I will post pictures when i feel ready. With not much space in my house I had decided to only ever have my childhood dollhouse as a project and maybe some roomboxes but as I was looking at facebook marketplace I came across this for a ridiculous price. A 2 hour drive each way but the seller is in no rush for me to come pick it up so I will plan when to go. Not sure what my Mum and Dad are going to say when I attempt to bring it in as they frowned when I mentioned I wanted another one to play around with. It is a Dollshouse emporium but not sure on the name of it but it is no longer sold as far as I can see. But I just see so much potential with it that I couldn't pass it up. I am thinking either with Art Deco style bits or modern kate Spade inspired. I think the front reminds me of the townhouse that was used in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
  13. Thanks I may have found one on etsy but there's two i like so now I am spoiled for choice lol
  14. Love it where did you get the clock as I am in search of one for a room box thanks
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