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  1. vintagegirl

    Harry Potter minis

    Working on a roombox/display piece with a Wizardly world feel
  2. vintagegirl

    Back at it!

    Some of these pieces will go in my North Pole Bake Shop, when I build it
  3. Thanks! I'm really happy with how it turned out, even if it got a little wonky in places
  4. Thanks! I am totally hooked on those darn pastries. I have to avoid the store where they sell them....
  5. vintagegirl

    Room Box

    This is the room box I've created for the lady who sold me my Duracraft Farmhouse. I wanted to return the mugs to her which had all her family members' names on them. It didn't feel right to keep them. So I figured I'd make her a box to display them along with items which represent her and some furniture from the dollhouse.
  6. vintagegirl

    English Ivy

    I am so in love with these little dolls! And most of them are under $40 so it's been hard not to get a ton of them! But their little clothes are too fun! I really hope the lady likes the room box because I've spent more on it than what I paid her for the dollhouse!! :-P
  7. vintagegirl


    Things I'm stockpiling or building for my houses
  8. @iseecerulean Definitely a steal! It isn't tacky, just bland. The floors that aren't carpet are a very ugly vinyl.... I think I want to go 1930s decor with it.
  9. It's definitely in good shape (needing a good cleaning and possibly something to reseal the shingles)... It was a very great surprise!
  10. vintagegirl

    Doll houses

    Dollhouses I build, buy, or are waiting to build!
  11. That is definitely it! Thank you so much! It's so frustrating trying to check out google for these things... when you don't know the name or brand!! THANK YOU!!
  12. Bought this beauty through a local shop'n'swap online for $60 fully furnished. I can't for the life of Google identify it. The closest I've come is a variation on the 1979 Franklin. But the windows are different, the stairs aren't curved and are opposite... Plus some different interior wall placements. Anyone know what it is? Approximate measurements are: 31.5" Height 33.5" Width 19" Deep (which also closely resembles the Franklin) Sorry the photo is sideways, the uploader is giving me the dickens....
  13. I'm terrible at French knots... any other tips? I feel like I just cheat by putting another stitch through the center of it after I've wrapped and pulled it through so it will stay....
  14. Love it! It's hard to believe how tiny it actually is! Looks great!
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