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  1. Grats Fov! I like the little blue set so cute!!
  2. MellyGabs


    Wow this is beautiful!!! More pictures please!!!!!
  3. Miniature Food Masterclass by Angie Scarr is nice little book for polymer clay work and Dolls'House Inspirations by Jean Nisbett is another nice little book for house ideas she has alot nice books these 2 I like to carry onto plane-bus etc there small but one book I love that is something if you have a young child that is really into dollhouses is The Enchanted Dolls' House by Robyn Johnson this book is so magical and cute it is one even adult would like!
  4. MellyGabs

    Front 1

    What a beautiful work of art !!!! I love it!:yes:
  5. MellyGabs


    Aw I love the pink bathroom with the rubby ducky sooo cute!
  6. The detail you do is amazing! :thumb:
  7. MellyGabs

    Cambridge Rehab

    Yes she is in bad shape but luckly the inside was not painted nor wallpapered. I intend to stainglass top windows and keep the original blue because the previous owner gave me the paint and its good paint just roughly painted.
  8. MellyGabs

    Dora 1

    It has nice history to it as well where it came from apparently its been to Germany and Switzerland then came to usa in late 70s. The gentleman I purchased it from it belonged to his mother she collected for a long time and was also an artist.
  9. MellyGabs

    Dora 2

    No none of the furniture I painted. There is few pieces that gentlemans mother did while living in Germany in the 70s. But most part the furniture is Dora Kuhn.
  10. MellyGabs

    Cambridge Rehab

    My 8 dollar Cambridge find!
  11. Aw thankyou!! I just love folk art furniture and started collecting years ago but never came across a house the last house I saw was sold on Vancouver Island year ago and I missed out on that one so when i saw this one for sale I didn't even stall I phoned the gentleman right away! I got my greenleaf gallery to work I will start filling it up with pictures!
  12. I finally got a Bavarian House for my Dora Kuhn furniture! I went to pick it up today! It came with some pieces that were made by the owners mother while she lived in Germany there just adorable as well as Dora Kuhn pieces! Here is link to my album on PB! http://s331.photobucket.com/albums/l444/westlog/Dora%20kuhn%20German%20Furniture/
  13. Sorry I thought this was store finds category and the artist I posted is on Etsy which is not auction ebay style, sorry for posting in wrong category I just thought her stuff is pretty find....
  14. So I was trying to find Tudor style beds that I like on Etsy and I stummbled across this one store that has some amazing beautiful work of art dollhouses here is the link and I am sure most seen them before but I thought I would share anyways because I search Etsy everyday and never had I seen them before not even sure how the search engine picked Tudor with Mosaic but I am glad it did! http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheMosaicDollhouse?ref=seller_info
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