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  1. I wish I could go but moving expenses are killing me at the moment. If I should win lottery in next 24hrs I will be there!! Have fun Brae make sure you post your finds!
  2. I am always checking the clearance section at craft stores! For some reason I have it in my head if its on clearance I will never see item again so I buy multiples! I have huge assortment of beads, ribbons, papers, wood pieces, xmas minis, unique minis, flowers, frames, and even hay!!!! Yep and do you think when I actually go to use item I can find it!!
  3. Karin I love this topic!! I to hate it when I am followed around in a shop by the owner or staff, one things I did in my shop to reduce theft was use alot mirrors and I mean alot (lol) I have mirrors everywhere they do a few things make my store look much bigger then it really is, gives it that magical feeling the lights I use flicker and bounce to mirror to mirror and of course helps reduce theft. Although my main problem is dust especially on finished dollhouses that are to big to go into glass cabinets so we use sheets of plastic mylar this seems to work so at night we just fold them down like a blind from shelf to shelf.One of the best features of my shop is that room is built off our house and we left the original farmhouse windows that look from that room to the house so I took advantage of this by making the windows glass cabinets which because there inside main house we keep the precious items in there. The whole shop has a french country feeling to it!
  4. I seem to have the reverse dollhouse that I am working on at the moment. I started a Bromley Crafts Preston House few months ago that I am slowly turing into a Marie Antoinette themed house and every time I take a break things fall out of it, or I am reminded about Marie Antoinette in a book I bought about photography which had article about her, or I turn on tv one week Seinfield does a stand up comedy about her, or at mall I walk by shoe shop with a Marie Antoinette figure selling shoes! Not to mention everytime I work on it every project has turned out which is rare because usually I miss cut or something is wrong size, color etc. Well all I have to say Is this house wants to be built sooner than later!
  5. I wish I could go but up here in Alberta we are starting to melt which comes all the spring repairs!!!!! Please take pictures and post I would love to see some of the beautiful miniatures!
  6. Wow your hutches look wonderful! I just got a bromley crafts preston house which I intend to turn into Marie Antoinette house and your hutches would look perfect in there !!!!
  7. Grats Fov! I like the little blue set so cute!!
  8. MellyGabs


    Wow this is beautiful!!! More pictures please!!!!!
  9. Goodmorning everyone, yes it is the Pierce! I would have put the staircase in but I do believe that would have given it away !!!
  10. So I got this kit for free and it was in very rough shape {basicly had to create some parts for it} trim was in good condition. But I thought I would share what progress I have made so far. Can you guess what kit it was?
  11. Thankyou everyone! Yes I did sell both larger houses my workshop looks so bare now! I have another market in sept with no product left!! I am working on Bromley Craft Preston (Marie Antoinette looking house)but there is no way it will be ready for sept maybe december even that would be rushing!
  12. I thought I would share some pictures of my first outdoor market with everyone it was alot fun!! I always have mixed feelings when I watch some my art sell and I am sure other people do too. This year it was done at a midway I had the ferris wheel directly in front of me which really helped with traffic! The day was wonderful with no rain and low wind thank goodness! I hope you all enjoy these pictures! http://s331.photobucket.com/albums/l444/westlog/Fair%20Market%202012/?action=view&current=IMG_7184.jpg
  13. What a wonderful project!!! Such an beautiful dollhouse! I can't wait til see your pictures!
  14. Miniature Food Masterclass by Angie Scarr is nice little book for polymer clay work and Dolls'House Inspirations by Jean Nisbett is another nice little book for house ideas she has alot nice books these 2 I like to carry onto plane-bus etc there small but one book I love that is something if you have a young child that is really into dollhouses is The Enchanted Dolls' House by Robyn Johnson this book is so magical and cute it is one even adult would like!
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