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    Creating somewhat inexpensive miniatures often starting with thrift store finds. Prefer 1/2" = 1' scale. Starting to build 1/2"=1' scale Fairfield. First Greenleaf kit build was the Vintage Travel Trailer 1"=1' scale cut down about 2/3 in length. Have completed a few roomboxes, storefronts and houses since beginning to work with miniatures in 2011.

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  1. My Beacon Hill second floor height measures about 9" and the top floor height measures about 8".
  2. Thanks for posting the link to your new and improved blog. Thank you for taking the time to share your talent and experience with us. I have it bookmarked as one of my go to blogs.
  3. Beautiful choice and placement of furniture and rug.
  4. Looking forward to see your vision for this house.
  5. The McKinley is one of my favorite builds. Love that it is a space saver. I do have it sitting on top of a bookshelf as I did not feel comfortable hanging it on wall, but I have seen others who do hang it on a wall. I do have pictures of it in an album in Members Gallery. My husband wired the house for me. We ran the wires to the outside back of the house. If you do a search on the McKinley here on the forum and even in Google you will see what I and others have done with the McKinley. That is how I got some ideas for mine: changing the roofline and also using darker colors on the back wall(s) to add the illusion of depth to the rooms. I found Gina's blog, More Minis Dollhouses, very helpful, especially, when it came time to do the tower roof. Because it is not a very deep house, the doorways are narrower than typical 1:12 scale doorways. Another reason I like this house so much is that it didn't require a lot of elegant furniture (unlike my Beacon Hill). The bedroom (even with the bump out of the stairway) still has room for the bed and dressers. I do like the idea of stairs in my dollhouses. Love the drawers as they make convenient place to store small seasonal items. The wood in my kit was in very good condition -- so the pieces fit together very well. As I built, I kept seeing Olive Oyl walking through those narrow doors -- so went on Ebay and bought her and now it is her house.
  6. Lee -- I am also moving miniatures around today. My son-in-law recently started his new job and on Friday they moved into their own house (which is only about 20 minute drive from our house). Today they came back over to help me move heavy stuff back into my "dollhouse" room. About last August I had moved everything dollhouse related out of that room to make a bedroom for my two grandsons. We won't need it as a guest room any longer as I now intend to send any overnight guests over to my daughters much bigger house. I still have lots of little stuff to bring up from the basement before I can start working on projects again. I must admit working in the basement these last few months was better than I expected as we do have good lighting down there and there weren't too many spiders.
  7. I don't even have the words to express how much I admire your back-to-back Victorianna bash. So beautiful and so well done. Thank you for sharing pics here on this forum as I don't always make the rounds to all the blogs on a regular basis.
  8. Glad to be able to access the forum again. A big thankyou to Dean and the Greenleaf people for making this forum possible. My update: Did not go to the Seattle Miniature Show in early March even though it was not canceled as I am of the age that recommended not being in crowd of people. Of course since then we are under stay at home suggestion (orders). Have been spending way too much time on FB miniature pages, reading wonderful blogs (thankyou for those of you who do have blogs, I just don't know how to post comments on any of them). I finished the rehab of the Greenleaf Laurel and started a half scale build. My son-in-law and grandson have used the 3D printer to make me some half scale items as find it difficult to find half scale. My daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons are still living with us. Daughter and I take turns cooking dinners which is nice. Grandsons are taking online college classes as the physical building is closed at this time. Son-in-Law starts new job early in May (he retired from the Air Force in December). He will go in for orientation, etc. and then work from home due to virus. Can you imagine starting a new job during this time of safe distancing. They are also now looking for a home to buy in the local area. We found this funny. During the real life toilet paper shortage, I looked on a miniature website to buy toilet paper for my dollhouse and found it was out of stock at that time. I guess a lot of us miniaturists were also stocking up on toilet paper at that time. Have a good day and enjoy your minis.
  9. Thank you for your comment. I am struggling with not making this house too dark and gloomy looking, but that is definitely the direction it keeps taking me while working on it. After taking time to cut the window opening and putting in a Houseworks window, I covered it with a heavy drape, which defeated the purpose of adding more light to the room with the window. This house is overall on the dark side with my choice of coloring on floors, walls, and even the furniture. I am determined to bring some life into that living room as it looks too sterile, almost, like a waiting room. Perhaps a collage of pictures or narrow shelves with small vases, etc above the couch. It is still a work in progress.
  10. Making progress on the rehab of the Laurel Dollhouse. This house has decided it will be decorated for autumn (and Halloween). I ran the electrical wiring, but husband did show our grandson how he does the connections. I still cannot solder a connection. My son-in-law is still looking for civilian employment (having recently retired from the Air Force). He is hoping to find employment in the local area to be close to family after so many years away. Our two grandsons are attending local community college and our daughter works from home (as she has done for years). It is working out well for them to be living with us for now. My daughter had fun decorating the McKinley Dollhouse for Christmas. She enjoyed it so much, she plans to attend the Seattle Miniature Show with me this March. After seeing how much she enjoyed the McKinley, I did an all nighter and dry fitted the half scale Fairfield (that I had in my stash) into a 9 room wall hanging/shelf house -- by using the pieces to make a straight house with plain back and higher attic instead of the usual deeper house. It will be easier to work on that house as I still have discomfort from the broken humerus. But it feels better than when I started working on the rehab of the Laurel. So for the past few days, I have been going back and forth working on both the Laurel and the start of the modified Fairfield.
  11. thriftymini

    Laurel Rehab Bash

    Rehabbing the Laurel which original builder put together with hot glue -- so it has been quite easy to take apart. Love the small footprint of the Laurel, but making a few modifications. Moving the stairs, front door, adding more floor space to the kitchen work area by bumping out the sidewall and making a small dining area by bumping out the front (under the porch) just to fit small table and chairs.
  12. Do you have the directions and schematics that come with the kit? The space below the first floor and above the base is where you put the three drawers. I find the drawers perfect to store small seasonal items for the house.
  13. I like the idea of a window in the living room. I just might add one. I am still at the stage where I can make changes as not much is glued together. I did bump out the space for the table and chairs out onto the porch and will be covered by the porch roof. Ideally, I should have made it a little wider for the table I plan to use. Thought about the Primrose addition, but didn't want to enlarge the footprint of this house.
  14. I am currently working on the rehab of the Laurel. The original builder used hot glue -- so it has been easy to take apart. I love the footprint of the Laurel and that it is lightweight, but the rooms are quite small. Some people remove the stairs to make more room in these smaller houses, but I do like stairs. I am moving the living room stairs to the corner and of course had to move the front door. I also moved over the center wall to make a wider living room. Will double up the center wall and sandwich electrical wiring inside the wall. To make more room in the kitchen, I bumped out the side wall and also bumped out a space on front wall for a table and chairs. This does reduce the amount of that beautiful porch. Have fun with working on your Laurel.
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