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    Creating somewhat inexpensive miniatures often starting with thrift store finds. Prefer 1/2" = 1' scale. Starting to build 1/2"=1' scale Fairfield. First Greenleaf kit build was the Vintage Travel Trailer 1"=1' scale cut down about 2/3 in length. Have completed a few roomboxes, storefronts and houses since beginning to work with miniatures in 2011.

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  1. Not easy for me to get accurate measurement. The small squares in the picture are 1/4". Looks like the older lite brites are 1/4" diameter tapered cylinder that measures 1/2"L with little less than 3/8" tapered top. Looks like the newer lite brites are a 1/4" diameter straight cylinder about 1/2"L. The top does taper to a flat top and is about 3/8". I used colored ones for the picture -- so much easier to see the colored lite brites than the clear ones.
  2. Thankyou Holly. I should have read her original post closer. Now I am thinking Little Bo Peep should have someone who understands dollhouse wiring look at the house to determine condition of existing wiring to be sure it is still in good and safe condition. Perhaps others can recommend Youtube videos, books, phamplets or other sources for a person to learn about wiring. We have used the Cir-Kit Concepts Round Wire Instruction Book and their parts. Others use different systems with great success. Some even use battery lights. But I would not attempt wiring or rewiring a dollhouse without
  3. It is not easy for me to advise anyone of electrical lighting of a dollhouse as my husband helps me with mine. We have used the terminal block(s) on a couple of our houses. The wires from the lights are attached to the terminal block and the transformer is also attached to the terminal block. BUT I have oversimplified it. How much do you understand about wiring a dollhouse? It is important to buy the correct size transformer. Remember to count bulbs (not lights or fixtures) to determine the size of transformer. Also, do you know the condition of the existing wires? I realize I have not
  4. I love so much of your Fairfield, but especially how you have walled in the opening.
  5. I did an online internet image search and discovered a member of this forum has identified this house on her personal blog. Here is the link to her blog: The Dollhouse Whisperer: Hill's Dollhouse Workshop (rockawayrosedollhouse.blogspot.com) After reading her blog, I pulled out my copy of the sixth edition of the miniatures catalog (1983) and found it on page 35. It is identified as the New England Victorian by Hill's Dollhouse Workshop. The house was also available with a wrap-around porch, and with or without addition.
  6. From a Google search looking for contestants of the show, I stumbled upon this newspaper article about their hometown participant in the show. Enjoyed the article very much so thought I would share the link to the newspaper article. I hope the link works: Going big time with her miniature skills | South Whidbey Record
  7. Carolyn, Here is a link to download the Instructions and Assembly Guide for the Magnolia Dollhouse. http://www.mysmallobsession.com/dollhouse-assembly-instructions.html From my reading this guide there are 16 window sashes. There are two Sheet #8s with eight on each sheet. They are labeled Single, Double Wide and Kitchen Window on the schematic. I hope this helps.
  8. Lee, so sorry about your wife having such an extensive break with complications. Glad that healing is taking place and that she has had you to help in her recovery. It has been a little over a year ago that I tripped on just a step up curb in airport parking lot and landed on cement floor suffering a displaced fracture of my right humerous. Fortunately, I am left handed and did not require any surgery. The doctors informed me at the very beginning that due to my age the recovery would be slow. Even after PT I never regained full range of motion, but fortunately regained strength with just
  9. I found this blog very helpful when putting together my dormer windows: https://jennsminis.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/beacon-hill-dormer-windows/ My Beacon Hill kit was an older kit and had the same pieces as shown in the blog. I understand some newer Beacon Hill kits have a more flexible paper for the dormer roof (and mansard roof). Not sure which you have. Hope this helps.
  10. My Beacon Hill second floor height measures about 9" and the top floor height measures about 8".
  11. Thanks for posting the link to your new and improved blog. Thank you for taking the time to share your talent and experience with us. I have it bookmarked as one of my go to blogs.
  12. Beautiful choice and placement of furniture and rug.
  13. Looking forward to see your vision for this house.
  14. The McKinley is one of my favorite builds. Love that it is a space saver. I do have it sitting on top of a bookshelf as I did not feel comfortable hanging it on wall, but I have seen others who do hang it on a wall. I do have pictures of it in an album in Members Gallery. My husband wired the house for me. We ran the wires to the outside back of the house. If you do a search on the McKinley here on the forum and even in Google you will see what I and others have done with the McKinley. That is how I got some ideas for mine: changing the roofline and also using darker colors on the
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