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  1. pretend you are looking for something else and it will show up. my daughter was famous for loosing the hairbrush every morning and we could never find it so we'd look for the keys instead and the hairbrush would come out of hiding. worked every time! lol!
  2. thanks for letting me know that! makes it even more cool! lol!
  3. i've never posted a video link so i hope this works!
  4. prayers and best wishes from gloucester mass!
  5. there is a big difference in cheap paint vs more expensive brands! buy the best you can afford because the pigment will be a better quality so you might end up using less in the long run. i love the americana brand and it's really not that much more than the cheap brands. try using their "lamp black" against any of the other brands basic black and you can really see the difference! untreated wood is like a sponge and coverage will vary. spending some time putting a primer on first will save you from wasting time on doing multiple coats.
  6. How sad! I adore this dollhouse so much i've just purchased another one on ebay. FedEx delivered it to the wrong house and i had to go looking for it. Thank Goodness I found it! The one i'm building right now is my raggedy ann house, it was just perfect for her! sooner or later i'll get some photos on here. track one down if you can...it's worth it! :angry:
  7. i don't remember it but we lived on the first floor and the owner lived up on the second floor. her son moved in and he brought his 2 siamese cats with him. my dad said one of them had been in the movie. they had photos and paperwork proving all of it. sadly both the owner and his mom have passed away so i have no one to verify the info with.
  8. her name is bertha and his name is Alfonse Verona Alfonse grew up in a little fishing village in Italy. he moved to the USA during world war 2 because life was pretty hard over there at that time so he came here to stay with relatives. they met at the train station, she was coming home from collage and saw him looking very lost, she thought he was cute when she walked on by him to get her bags. on her way out she saw him still standing there and stopped to see if he needed help. even though they couldn't communicate that well, they hit it off and were engaged within months and married
  9. thank you all for the kind words! she is a blast already, lol! i've wanted one all my life but could never really afford one. after i got her my dad told me that when i was 3 our neighbor had two that i played with them all the time. i don't remember that at all! he said one of them was a movie star, he was in the movie "bell, book and candle" i don't remember the movie either, lol! oh, and the collar is gone too, the breeder had different colors on each kitten to tell them apart.
  10. congrats! freecycle is a wonderful thing!
  11. I'm a new mom again but this time no diapers! Introducing my new baby Mina...
  12. well to ease the pain i turned to my good friend ebay and found a duracraft brookfield/columbian and also a winston cottage with plans to bash them together. right now i'm building a brookfield raggedy ann & andy dollhouse to sell but i love it so much that now i have to have one too! of course mine must be bigger and better, lol!
  13. my local michaels didn't have them...i feel so left out! ;) my husband laughed when i whined "but all the other kids have one!" he wasn't laughing when i told him i bought a much more expensive house on ebay to make myself feel better! lol!
  14. nice stuff! i'll have to give them a try! thanks for sharing! :groucho:
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