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  1. dgus74


    Love this! I love your colors!
  2. dgus74

    Hubby's Miniature Furniture

    Hubby made a table for me. He has never built anything miniature but now that I know he can he will do it FOREVER muahahhahaahha..lol Here is an album for all he makes for me :)
  3. dgus74

    1st Ever Polymer Clay Anything!

    This is my first ever anything Ive ever made with polymer clay! I was sooo excited and it took me a LONG time watching a video. I tried to get the size right too. It doesnt fit my house but I love it just the same :) My first. Ive decided I like making miniatures with P.Clay
  4. very nice! what an amazing job you did! I love the grass
  5. dgus74

    magic brik mess

    all the stuff on the plate was just LOOSE in the box. It got all over my counters, the stencil and pretty much everything was covered with the powder.
  6. Thanks girls! My hands HURT and look like a cat got ahold of me..lol. My helper kept pooping out on me! I scrapbook and have an actual heat gun instead of the dryer and had him hold it..lol. He got over helping really quickly! lol This side turned out good, I wish the other side turned out as good..lol. They used 5 times the glue on the other side!
  7. dgus74

    hofco - Southern Dynasty

    This is the house I got on craigs list. Trying to find out more about it. If you have any info Id appreciate it!
  8. wow.. that is awesome! I love the style of this house!
  9. wow this is gorgeous and inspirational!
  10. dgus74

    Picture 012.jpg

    cute kitchen! Love the wp!
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