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  1. I am making a one room school house to donate to the local historical society. I am interested in the school desks. Please pm me. Thanks, Jen
  2. Use a mat finish and weather it? Make it look like the exterior needs to be sanded down and repainted. Have it work in your favor "Yea, I know it looks like that, I meant for it to look that way. Boy was it a hard technique to do!" Make lemonaid?
  3. Yay!!!! Power tools RULE!!! I got a 4" table saw for Mother's Day!
  4. :stands up: Hi! My name is Jenni and I am a mini addict. It has been 2 hours since my last mini purchase and I am already planning my next purchase (You know about the 40% off coupon tomorrow right?) and also I am :gasp: working on minis right now as we speak. I am planning on working on minis all next week, since I have it off. Yes, I have an addiction, but I am very happy, so no I don't wanna quit. :idea:
  5. I debated entering this year at the last minute...I was going to turn the Lisa's Cottage into the rabbit house from Alice In Wonderland, (the Disney version)...see below...and people were super nice to talk with me...but I never ended up doing it because of time...
  6. I didnt find this forum till last year. Both my daughter and I had already started our cottages. I noticed everbody was pretty quiet about what they were making, so we just kinda went along with it. We had each other to share and bounce ideas off of. This year my daughter has an idea, I got nothin'. Jenni
  7. My daughter, Katie, used pea pebbles and grey cement crack repair (it comes in a tube that goes in your caulk gun) supplies were pretty inexpensive. She picked the pea pebbles up from the backyard. It dried pretty quick so she worked little sections at a time. 1. size up your pebbles, decide how you want them placed. Set aside 2. Put some cement crack paste and spread with a putty knife - make it a kinda thick as you want to push the stones into it and have it come up between the stones a little. 3.let dry Here is a link to a pic of the house, the fireplace and chimney are done this
  8. Okay, at the risk of sounding really clueless. (hmmmm, wouldn't be the first time) What is CDHM? :shrug: Thanks! Jenni
  9. She says it was some moss - reindeer moss she thinks - that she found in my craft room, she glued it on green tulle, put all kinds of weight on it to "crush it down" (her words) and when it was dry and crushed just wrapped it on the roof. For the underside of the porch and roof she used some kind of reed type stuff and glued it down w/elmers glue "I crushed that too". So there you go....you crush it. lol
  10. Thank you, I have will pass it on to Katie. She used pea pebbles from her brothers play area in the back yard for the stone work and cement filler (it kinda worked like caulk but grey, and it was something her daddy had in the house) The fireplace she made out of foamboard and covered it in the pea pebbles. She tried to fo her house with items we had around the house. She did ransack my mini room, and it is still recovering. She is still teasing me about her house beating mine. But hey, give her credit, her house did turn out great. She is talking about giving it to her Gabby (grandma) for he
  11. Janet, your house is beautiful! What scale did you make it? Katie's entry isn't up yet. She keeps having me check, but she is only asking once or twice a day now. I recieved the 1/2 off coupon too. The kit really didn't speak to me, but Katie had some ideas and was bugging me to get it for her. Gotta see if I can find the cash before the sale is over. Jenni
  12. Very cute! It looks pretty easy, I'll have to try it. Thanks! Jenni
  13. Okay, wood hmmmm. Lasercut you say? Is laser cut really that much easier to put together? I've never had a laser cut kit. Will I get spoiled if I put together a laser cut kit? I have done the punch out & sand the you know what out of the parts kit and the mdf (? Is that right?) kits. I can say I really don't like the mdf, not as easy to cut and bash, peices do go together pretty easy though. Jenni edit: Just my personal pref. (please nobody get mad at me!) :ducks, puts hands over head and runs for cover:
  14. Awww thanks Tracy! That was very nice of you. You know you could let the style of kit slip- just so we could get planning. Hmmmmm, is it bigger than a breadbox? Stationary or mobile? You guys always let us know a little info (did I trick ya?) Yea, like I would know if you released info early in the past, I'm the one who started this post asking - "what the heck is spring fling anyway?" It was worth a try right? Jenni
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