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  1. When I joined pinterest a couple of years ago, there weren't a ton of miniature pins. I wasn't doing much in miniatures lately and when I went back last month, it was like their popularity exploded! I like it, but I understand the drawbacks for artists.
  2. Yes, I was thinking I'd go back and buy a few
  3. I was at Michael's yesterday and they had a whole endcap of dollhouse accessories. Looked like 1:12 scale things like sewing machines, bicycle, garden plants, fruit baskets. I was kind of excited as I have never seen miniatures there other than the little train section.
  4. I was just sorting through my boxes of dollhouse furniture and have pulled out one medium sized box to give away. It's already packed up so no pictures, but it's a mishmash of 1/12 scale pieces, low end, nothing fancy, a few needing repair. I also put in an extensive quilling kit, I tried quilling some miniatures, but it's a little tedious. I live just south of Raleigh, so if anyone on here wants to swing by let me know. Trying to get end of summer things finished and my girls off to school, so no shipping, sorry! Hope everyone is having a great August!
  5. Real Good Toys has some playscale kits, although you've probably seen those. Can't you just convert any modern plans you like by scaling up? I know there are many experienced people here, so I'm sure you'll get some good ideas. Good luck and welcome! What type of plans are you looking for? I have a couple of modern house plans from the 70's in an old book.
  6. These all sound like dreamy mother's days. My seven year old has the whole day planned already. We will go to a cafe so I can drink coffee. Then we will shop, come home and paint our nails and do dollhouse stuff. She IS a mini me alright.
  7. Hi! The haunted house was my first house and what led me here. I'm still not finished with it though. Welcome.
  8. Our Michael's clearance section is so jumbled and disorganized I usually just walk by, but I may have to dig!
  9. JaniceG

    1:24 chandelier

    I think it looks great. I'm working in 1:24 now so I know what you mean!
  10. JaniceG

    without trim

    Your house is looking so good. Chair is super cute.
  11. JaniceG

    Upstairs so far

    I like the aging. Looks great.
  12. JaniceG

    DSC 1039

    You flowers are great, did you make them?
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