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  1. I had the same problem and I cut the tabs to fit. I, too, have a problem. Craigslist is not a friend. LOL I had 4 dollhouses in my apartment at one point.
  2. kandykidsaturn

    100 0076

    That is beautiful!! :thumb: :yikes:
  3. Well, I am 6 weeks preggers and due in February! This will be my second child, my oldest will be 8 next month. After 2 miscarriages, I just pray that this is one sticky baby! Prayers and good thoughts sent my way would be appreciated. I'm praying that the baby stay with me as long as possible, that the pregnancy be unremarkable, and to give me peace about it.
  4. You should put a rainbow on the backdrop and it could be the wizard of oz! :thumb:
  5. That looks like a couch my parents had when I was a kid!
  6. SO TRUE! There are so many things that are... not perfect... about my beacon hill; but anyone that looks at it doesn't even notice! I, of course, could hit them with darts from across the room. Don't point them out, and no one else will notice.
  7. Very nice!! And it still looks so cozy! :thumb:
  8. See, I tried superglue, and it didnt stick to the varnish. :angry: But, I used the pin idea, and ended up hurting myself, but I did get the top, bottom, and a few of the middle spindles in. It was enough that I could put the handrail on to position the rest of them and the balusters!
  9. very cool! Thanks for sharing!
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