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  1. In my early teens I LOVED minis. I had a shop that my mum had found at an auction for me. It had a dark green double front, with bay windows that were amazing for setting up little displays. I eventually set it up as a Haberdashery & clothing store & spent hours making little items for it. It was eventually sold & many of those miniatures sold with it or lost. In my early twenties I started to make a new one using plans that came from a Magazine (Dolls House and Miniature Scene, i think). I had the shell built, components for the front, and had wallpapered the inside with Bro
  2. Very clever! I was planning on trying vinyl for my own shop sign but I might give this some consideration! Thank you for sharing
  3. Lovely effect! I think I’d be too scared to start aging anything in case i totally messed it up!
  4. Jitchiwah

    Green Cottage

    I chose this little Greenleaf Haunted House kit with the sole intention of turning it into a Witch's house. However it didn't want to co-operate - it kept protesting that it wanted to be a sweet, feminine cottage. The house won. I started her back in 2015, had a long hiatus from minis, then came back to work on her in 2020
  5. Hi all. I have sone Architect’s Choice plans that I’m considering building but I’ve never scratch built before. We own a table saw, which I’m hoping will be sufficient for cutting the main pieces. Can anyone share any advice or tips for Cutting the pieces, building from scratch, etc. I have to admit I’m a bit intimidated but it’s the only way I would get the style of house I like over here in Australia.
  6. Although we don’t have a full blown lock down where I live, I was stood down from work and suddenly have a LOT more time on my hands. It’s at least a couple more weeks till we’ll be back. I hadn’t touched any mini projects in about 5 years! And suddenly I’m hooked again. Finishing off a small Greenleaf kit I bought years ago, have a shop idea in progress and am looking at building something bigger
  7. Yay! I am so excited that there's another Otterine build to follow can't wait to see your thought process on this one
  8. I work in retail... In a store that is aimed fair and square at the 6-13yr market and seems to be on every kids Santa list. And we have to set up and prep for sale which starts after Xmas. It's all fun and games right now. I aM exhausted and sick of the sound of whoopie cushions! So I am daydreaming on sleep
  9. The tree looks great now! I've seen tutorials for lycopodium trees and I'm dying to try making one.
  10. Fab! You're gonna have a blast filling this!
  11. This house is INSANE! It's amazing!
  12. Jitchiwah

    Stained Floor

    Definitely a lucky find! It's called Distress Stain and is made by Tim Holtz. Heaps of different colours available so potential for interesting furniture effects too.
  13. Jitchiwah

    Padding Walls

    Apparently you can lay your floor onto a card base cut to size, which would allow you to do this without risking wallpaper if you ever wanted to do this where the room was already decorated. And this would also allow you to remove & replace the flooring easily if you ever changed your mind. I glued mine straight to the floor so it means it's now in and STAYING in. This is the tutorial I watched in my research phase - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-UZbLoBZ20. HAVE FUN!
  14. Jitchiwah

    PLaying around

    To be honest, the scrap book paper was almost a last resort as I was finding it hard to track down a good 1/12th scale ceiling paper that either wasn't going to cost way more than I wanted to spend on the paper, or way more than I wanted to spend on international postage! But it worked well and has that little bit of texture I wanted.
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