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  1. I love the Glencroft! Easily one of Greenleaf's most realistic and beautiful designs.
  2. I don't have a copy, but if you take a picture of the sheets, someone here could probably help you dry fit (tape it together) it, to be sure it's right.
  3. I finally took the plunge and bought a Beacon Hill! I'm very excited! It has shipped! This will be my seventh dollhouse. I have done: The Fairfield, a no name 1/4 scale house, The 1/2 Scale Rosedale, The 1/2 Scale Buttercup, The Storybook Cottage and the 1/2 Scale Willow. This will be my first, big full scale house! Does anyone know how to rate the houses? I was able to review The Fairfield, but the others don't seem to let me. I'm not sure why. I can post pictures proving I built them. I'd also like to know how to update my gallery. There have been many renos since the old pictures were added. I managed to get rid of them, but can't seem to add new. Thanks very much! It's great to be back. :)
  4. Thank you for your help! I have an album. It's called Adorabelle. All of the Fairfield, half scale Rosedale and half scale Buttercup pictures fit in it! Some of them appear to have uploaded twice. I don't know why. The Buttercup has my first attempts at egg carton bricks. I used them to make large, stone blocks, like the ones that were around the fireplace and mantel of the house I grew up in. A person at a dollhouse shop told my sister last Friday that dollhouse wallpaper has to be sealed. If it's not always true, I'm going to leave well enough alone. I like my wallpaper and don't want it ruined. Besides, the wallpaper in the living room of the Rosedale was hard to find. I'm not really talented at people - drawing them, sculpting them. The girl I have, I got from a dollar store. She was on a keychain. I liberated her, touched up her outfit and gave her a haircut.
  5. Adorabelle


    Half Scale Fairfield, Rosedale & Buttercup
  6. That didn't work. Do the megabytes restart tomorrow? I never got to post the rest of my Rosedale or any of my buttercup.
  7. So I'll have to start a new topic... it seems I'm out of megabytes...
  8. And here are some pictures of my Rosedale. It has had some improvements too, though not as many. Unfortunately the bed has warped. Anyone know how to fix that. 'Buckling' it into a straight jacket to the floor did not work. I have recently learned you're supposed to seal wallpaper before use. Is this possible after installation or too risky?
  9. Thank you for the replies and encouragement! I would ideally like it to look perfect. I have a problem with perfectionism in general. Your advice is good. Sorry about the April Fool's confusion! Yes, I meant 1:12. LOL about the Pierce, I seriously considered it... It's out of stock right now. I have a resident. I wish she had a family - it's very hard to find adults and boys. I tried to get some on ebay. The seller promised combined shipping, but it was disabled once you had the dolls in your cart. They wanted $20 US per doll to ship. That's insane. I bailed. Shopping has been fun. I've ordered some accessories, some of which have come in, and gone to Michael's! Here are some updated pictures of my Fairfield. I have made picture frames and added some accessories. It's still my favourite.
  10. I've built a half scale one and a full scale one. I like them both.
  11. After debating this for quite some time, I bought my first full scale kit yesterday and it shipped today! It's the Storybook Cottage. I'm going to lower the second floor to make it habitable. Jumping into full scale seemed like a great idea, but I must admit the sheer size is overwhelming. So are the variety and number of accessories available. Honestly, I think this may be the major reason why this change is overwhelming me. With so much choice, I feel like I have to get it 'right'. In 1/2 scale, my thoughts are more like 'yes, I found a chair to put in that house that I don't already have in some other one.' My first house was the Fairfield, then I did a dollar store 1/4 scale house, followed by the 1/2 scale Rosedale and the 1/2 scale Buttercup. I'll do a photo shoot on the weekend; I'm not sure I've posted updated pictures of my Fairfield - it underwent renovations some years ago. The Buttercup has my first attempt at egg carton brick, to make cut stone, and I think it was a success. Now I wonder if I should have stuck with 1/2 scale. It seems safer. If your project isn't quite as you intended, it doesn't matter - it can be stowed inconspicuously on a bookshelf, whereas full scale houses are so huge they could dominate a room. I looked in the gallery for inspiration, but not many people seem to have built the Storybook Cottage. Not sure why, I think it's adorable! Any tips on full scale? I still intend to continue half scale (I'm working up the courage to egg carton field stone a 1/2 scale Willow). Meanwhile, I thought this would be a nice distraction.
  12. I think you'll be fine. I used to order from them quite a bit, before they changed their prices to USD. The service is excellent, and they can get stuff you can't get elsewhere. I got some half scale Reutter porcelain that at the time I couldn't find anywhere else.
  13. How hard would it be to buy a full scale kit, and use the pieces to make templates to make 1/2 scale pieces, thus obtaining a 1/2 scale house? Specifically, to those of you who have built the Glencroft or the Pierce, does this seem doable? I am very patient, but lack power tools. I have looked through the gallery for in progress pictures of those houses, and think that, despite the size, the Pierce might be more feasible, especially since I intend to leave out the tower, half of the porch and the bay windows. What kind of wood would I use for this? I really love the GL 1/2 scale laser cut wood, but realize that you just don't walk into a craft store and find wood of that quality kicking around. Has anyone ever successfully done such a thing? Is this a crazy idea? Adorabelle
  14. Hi, I love her dolls! I bought one from Molly's House Miniatures in the UK. She has the whole half scale line on and off - sometimes they are out of stock. I used one for a project for a friend - a room box night light for her daughter. It was perfect! Adorabelle
  15. Hi, Well, it took awhile, but I have decided on the half scale Willow. In the interim, I found a bargain Glencroft in the local classifieds. It is splendid - working windows, paper clay chimney, etc., but unfinished inside. My sister had been hoping to work on minis this summer, so I told her about it. She needed it more. I also passed up a bargain Victoria's Farmhouse - beautifully done exterior, but too big. So, I am ordering the half scale Willow. I am going to try to make the stairs face the back of the house. Has this been done before? I couldn't find any such pictures in the gallery, and don't mind if they wind up in the other room. Both the Fairfield and the Rosedale have inaccessible stairs, and I would like to build a house with ones I can reach. Adorabelle
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